image of redlands florist holding an arrangement of seasonal flowers wrapped in white paper

Top 5 Longest Lasting Cut Flowers

If you love your home to be filled with beautiful blooms, it’s handy to know which are the longest lasting cut flowers. We’ve talked here before about choosing flowers to complement your style, and the right vase for your flowers. Today we’re sharing our top five flowers that will have the longest life in your home or the home of a loved one. 

Longest lasting cut flowers

It’s important that your cut flowers are well fed and cared for, to ensure they look their freshest best for as long as possible. Having cut flowers in your home has many benefits. They add beauty and sometimes a gorgeous fragrance. They’re a creative reminder of freshness and seeing them regularly around your home will lift your mood. 

And the benefit of buying flowers locally grown from your Redlands florist mean your flowers will bloom at their freshest best for as long as possible. 

1 – Anthuriums

close up image of heart shaped bright red anthuriums against the dark green leaves grown by Redlands florist

Anthuriums are probably the longest lasting cut flowers, other than Australian natives. Their striking, heart-shaped red flowers make them a popular choice for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and even just because

To care for them, cut 5 cm off their stems before placing into a clean vase filled with tap water. If your bouquet is made from anthuriums alone, you won’t need to add cut flower food. Refresh the vase water each week and cut another one centimetre from the stems when you do.

Anthuriums’ vase life, when well cared for, is easily three weeks!

2 – Chrysanthemums

close up of a bunch of yellow chrysanthemums grown by Redlands florist the Flower Farm

Chrysanthemums are a long-time favourite at The Flower Farm for their beautiful blooms and long vase life. Along with carnations, chrysanthemums were our first flower crop over 40 years ago. And our Redlands florist has many years of experience in arranging chrysanthemums to live their best vase life. 

Always a popular Mothers’ Day choice, chrysanthemums bloom in a range of colours and have meanings associated with friendship, happiness, and well-being.  

With care, chrysanthemums will stay fresh in a vase for up to 14 days – sometimes longer. Trim the stems on an angle before placing them in water, and make sure there are no leaves below the water line.  

3 – Lisianthus

close up of pale pink lisianthus blooms grown by a Redlands florist

We love that lisianthus have delicate, rosette-like blooms, and a long vase life. They are a popular choice for wedding flowers. Their delicate appearance is at odds with their hardiness. Lisianthus like a clean vase filled with tap water mixed with cut flower food. Make sure there are no leaves below the water line. 

Lisianthus are quite thirsty cut flowers, so be sure to change their water regularly. They are best placed away from draughts and full sun. And don’t be tempted to place them near a fruit bowl. The ethylene gas emitted from fruit can cause lisianthus petals to age. 

When well cared for and located, lisianthus will live their best vase life for around 14 days. 

4 – Gerberas

close up of three orange gerberas against a green background

We love the cheerful happiness of gerberas, both planted in our Flower Farm fields and fresh cut in vases. Make sure your vase is squeaky clean before adding your gerberas. They are happy in a light room and will tolerate direct sunlight. 

When well cared for, gerberas’ vase life is around 10 days. Why not choose a Gerbera Mix Bunch for your vase? 

5 –  Carnations

close up of pink carnations against a background of green stems grown by a Brisbane florist

Our final top five flower is our Flower Farm signature bloom, the carnation. Along with chrysanthemums, we have been sowing and growing carnations for over 40 years. As a Redlands florist, we are well versed in caring for carnations. 

With love and attention, our Mixed Carnations Bunch will last for around 10 days in a vase. Change the water every two to three days (whenever it looks cloudy) and trim one centimetre off the stems when you do. 

Redlands florist

We are so fortunate to live and grow flowers in the Redlands region. It was named for its red soil and has long been known for its thriving agriculture. As flower farmers in the Redlands region for over 40 years, we know our local weather and seasons, and what will grow and thrive in the red soil. 

And we have the enormous benefit of sowing, growing, cutting, and arranging our own flowers. We know what’s in season, and what bouquets or arrangements will suit every occasion. 

At The Flower Farm, we have over four decades experience in growing and arranging flowers. We’d love to help you choose fresh cut flowers for your home or as a gift. Get in touch with us today.