The Confection of Blooming Beauty Behind Us

Your moments brought together with extra colour

About Us

Discover the ‘farm-fresh difference’ in our range of delightful flowers. Our flowers are hand sown, picked and crafted within hours for maximum  freshness and longevity. 
Everyday Blooming Bouquets made by our Birkdale Florist available for pickup or delivery. 

Hand Sown

Grown in our back paddocks.

Hand Picked

Harvested at the optimal time.

Hand Crafted

Expertly arranged for your enjoyment.

Welcome To The Flower Farm

Welcome to a whole new world of floristry. A place where ‘fresh’ means exactly what it should.

The Flower Farm is now a flourishing store with many loyal and valued customers, our success is attributable to the fact that we do things differently. We supply flowers straight from our own fields. This demonstrates product freshness and captures our customer's imagination.

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Over 40 years of Flower Farming

It’s a far cry from 1979– when the business was first established.

Then, the newly-acquired land at Bailey Road was as raw as the enthusiasm that first set things into motion.

Expanding our Birkdale presence purchasing properties rich in red soil, positioned on a rugged corner of the still-developing Redlands region (on the corner of the single carriageway of 72 Birkdale Road and the unsealed terrain of Byng Road & Opposite 69 Birkdale Road).

There was a lot of work to do to get it to where it is today. The business thrived on the hard work of a family of ‘green-thumbs’– farmers that 100 percent live and breathe flowers. This level of dedication saw it grow into something truly beautiful.

“We believe in the power of the flower. From tiny seeds to the stuff of dreams!”

— The Flower Farm

The Flower Farm Today

The senior members of the original family have passed on the bulk of their responsibilities to the next generation.

Still, they continue to have an active role in daily operations. They enjoy their farming lifestyle with grandkids on the iconic Birkdale property.

At The Flower Farm, we will keep doing what we do because we know that flowers mean more than just a pleasing smell and a pretty bloom. Flowers exist for life’s special moments. They make faces light up. They beautify and celebrate. They honour and show respect. Most of all, they show someone that you really care.