The Benefits of Fresh Cut Flowers

The Benefits of Fresh Cut Flowers

Read about the many benefits of fresh cut flowers from Redlands fresh flowers experts

Having fresh flowers in the home adds beauty and a touch of luxury to your living space. They make beautiful, thoughtful gifts, and everybody loves the sight of freshly cut blooms. 

But did you know that fresh cut flowers also have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing? Well, studies confirm it. So, let’s explore the many benefits of fresh cut flowers.

The Benefits of Fresh Cut Flowers from Redlands Fresh Flowers Experts

Benefit 1: Reduces Stress & Anxiety

A study from Harvard University Medical School show that when flowers were kept in the home, people had less worry, anxiety and depression, and they felt more compassion towards others. And these benefits were felt in less than a week!

For us, we love to see seasonal flowers in our homes. It reminds us that even when the weather is dreary or rainy, that there’s beauty out there!

Redlands Fresh Flowers Suggestion: Some plants are believed to have particular stress reducing abilities – gerberas are some of our favourites.

Benefit 2: Boosts Happiness

Receiving flowers makes people happy – we don’t need science to prove that (though it does!). But science also shows that giving flowers makes you happy. Even better, flowers lead to better relationships with family and friends. It doesn’t matter what type of flowers, or whether you’re male or female, flowers simply boost happiness.

Redlands Fresh Flowers Suggestion: We love to boost happiness! Choose whatever flowers make you smile (we can’t go past orchids!)

Benefit 3: Increases Creativity

Anecdotally, people have long believed that flowers increase creativity (maybe that’s why they feature so much in still life paintings?). And now studies show that’s actually true! Researchers at Texas A&M University study found that workers were better able to generate ideas, work creatively and solve more difficult problems in workplaces with plants and flowers. That’s a winning combination!

Redlands Fresh Flowers Suggestion: We suggest placing brightly coloured flowers and floral combinations in your home office or around your desk for more energy and creativity.

Benefit 4: Live Longer, Happier Lives!

This is our favourite benefit of fresh cut flowers – we certainly want longer, happier lives! A study in 2011 showed that fresh flowers boosted the wellbeing of seniors and counteracted three challenges that come with age – depression, loneliness and declining memory. Fresh cut flowers help combat all three of those challenges, and that leads to longer, happier lives generally.

Redlands Fresh Flowers Suggestion: We love sunflowers to gift to anyone that needs a boost. And their sunny dispositions certainly work!

Benefit 5: Have a More Beautiful Home

We don’t have any studies to back up this claim, but we think you’ll agree – fresh cut flowers just make your home more beautiful. In winter we love sprinkling our homes with vivacious lilies and bright, bouncy tulips. But you can choose whatever makes you happy (and is available in the season). 

Redlands Fresh Flowers Suggestion: Grab our duo pack of potted kalanchoe and get started beautifying your entire home with flowers that will last.  

Remember, flowers aren’t just for giving away, or for birthdays or baby showers. You and your home deserve them too! Next time you feel like buying some flowers for yourself, we encourage you to take the plunge! You certainly won’t regret it. Just be sure to pop shots of flowers in each room of your home to really get bang for your buck and spread the beauty around your entire home. Plus you’ll nab all those really great benefits to your wellbeing. Win win!

As Redlands fresh flowers experts, we have beautiful fresh-cut flowers for all occasions, or just because! Get farm to table flowers delivered to your door today. Or stop in and see us at our Birkdale shop. We’d love to help you find just what you need.