white feathery flowers with green leaves and green buds for Australian native birth month flowers

Australian Native Birth Month Flowers Guide

Just as each month has a birthstone, it also has a primary and secondary flower. And we love those beautiful traditional birth blooms! But for those of us living in the southern hemisphere, sometimes those traditional flowers aren’t always available at the same time. So at the Flower Farm we also love that each month has a native Australian flower associated with it as well.

We love the extra thought that goes into choosing Australian native blooms for a special birthday. So let’s dive into the Australian native birth month flowers for each month, and what they symbolise so you can bring that little bit of extra meaning to your next bouquet gift.

Australian native birth month flowers

We’ve included suggestions for bouquets, arrangements, and gifts, so you can choose seasonal and meaningful gifts at any time of year.   


The traditional birth month flowers for January are carnations, whose ruffled beauty symbolise love, devotion, and perseverance. And they’re almost always growing here at the Flower Farm. 

But the beautiful native Hibbertia, is the Australian birth month flower for January. Commonly known as guinea flowers, the yellow blooms symbolise ‘fierceness’, which we absolutely adore. Perfect for someone born at the beginning of a new year!


In February, the Australian native birth moth flower is the Brachyscome. It’s a beautiful native Australian daisy with purple petals, that’s more commonly known as Swan River daisy, Yellow Tongue daisy and Rocky daisy.

Daisies symbolise new beginnings, hope, innocence, fun and affection and so they make the most beautiful birthday blooms! And if you’re keen to celebrate with traditional February blooms then violets are the way to go.


close up image of a red grevillea bloom with greenery in the background for Australian native birth month flowers

Traditional birth month flowers for March come from the narcissus family and include daffodils and jonquils. On the other hand, the native Australian birth month flower for March is the lovely Grevillea, which is said to represent love, faith, and calmness.

Grevilleas – also known as spider flowers – come in a wide variety of red, orange and yellow shades and are a beautiful addition to native cut flower bouquets. 


close up image of sprig of purple emu bush with green leaves in the background for April Australian native birth month flowers

The Australian native associated with April is the Eremophila. Also known as Emu Bush, Eremophila have longed been used in Aboriginal tribal life in both cultural and medicinal roles. The Eremophila comes in a variety of colours from deep purple to vibrant read and with a name that means ‘desert loving’ is a perfect choice for an Australian birthday!


May birthdays can be celebrated with Crowea, which we more commonly called waxflower. Crowea is an evergreen shrub with bright green foliage and star-shaped flowers that range from pastel pink to bright pink or white. Their small, stiff petals are what gives them the name ‘waxflower’ and what makes them so great in native cut flower bouquets as well. 

In Australia the waxflower symbolises happy memories and new beginnings. Because of that it’s often used in weddings and makes a great birthday gift!


The native Australian June bloom is Hardenbergia, which is more commonly known as Happy Wanderer or Purple Coral Pea. It has pea-like flowers that bloom in vibrant purple or white and it’s an absolutely stunning addition to any birthday bouquet (or tied to the top of a beautiful gift!). It symbolises the spirit of winter, so is perfect for the June birthday!


The native Australian birth month flowers for July are Adenanthos. Adenanthos is a native shrub that produces small, bright red flowers on a bush that is covered in fine needle shaped foliage which are incredibly soft. In fact, it’s this delicate look and feel that gives Adenanthos it’s common name of ‘woolly bush’. 


The August native Australian birth month flower is Correa, commonly called Native Fuchsia. These blooms have a bell-shaped flower with nectar attracting bees, insects and birds. They bloom in white, green and shades of pink, red and orange. 

The traditional flowers for August are poppies, which are also held closely in Australians’ hearts as part of ANZAC and Remembrance Day ceremonies. These blooms symbolise remembrance. 


close up of grey green eucalyptus leaves and gum nuts lying on top

Eucalypts are the native September birth month flowers. While eucalypts are ubiquitous to Australian bushland, they’re also very well-loved. And their blooms symbolise strength, protection and abundance.

We adore eucalyptus blooms which range from bright yellow to gentle cream and have a unique feathery shape. These are beautiful cut and gifted for any September birthday!


If you were born in October, your native birth month flowers are callistemon. You may know them better as bottlebrush, which are the most recognised of the callistemon family. Callistemon are said to symbolise laughter, abundance and joy. What could be better for a beautiful loved one celebrating a birthday in October.


image of small white Australian native birth month flowers tea tree with green in the background for the month of November

Leptospermum, which is more commonly known as tea tree, is the native bloom for November. Tea tree is an upright evergreen shrub with small, needle-like leaves and beautiful showy flowers in shades of red, pink or white. They symbolise protection, and so make a thoughtful and meaningful birthday gift. 


bright orange banksia blooms on a green bush against a blue sky

Rounding out our native floral birth month calendar is December. In Australia, the native birth flower for December is banksia and banksia’s distinctive flowers are said to symbolise discovery, regeneration, and rebirth. These beautiful blooms are so distinctively shaped and beautifully coloured – we just adore the way they look in birthday bouquets. 

Order native birth month flowers today!

Birth month flowers bring new meaning to bouquets and arrangements. A bespoke bouquet from The Flower Farm of birth month blooms would be a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Get in touch with us, we’d love to help create birthday month flowers for you.