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How the Landscape Inspires Our Florals as Redlands Florists

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Located 35 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD on beautiful Moreton Bay, the beautiful Redlands is home to rainforest, sea and a wonderful community of people. We like to think of it as Brisbane’s best kept secret. 

The Redlands area is also the home of one of Brisbane’s other bests – our own Flower Farm! In fact, we’ve been here for over 40 years. And during that time we’ve found incredible inspiration as Redlands florists from this beautiful and unique area. 

Redlands florist

At the Flower Farm we grow flowers as far as the eye can see. We are flower farmers first and foremost, sowing, growing and picking our flowers every day. But we’re also florists – in particular Redlands florists – and we love arranging and delivering our flowers and gifts to our local community

Best flowers in Brisbane

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The Redlands region is named for its rich red soil (‘red land’) and is known for its thriving agricultural history. It’s been known as Brisbane’s salad bowl and for growing Australia’s first commercially sold sugar. 

At the Flower Farm we’re extremely lucky to have this fertile red soil that is perfect for growing crops, including beautiful flowers. As independent Redlands florists and flower farmers, we know our local red soil, flora and fauna. We also know our local weather, seasons and what grows and thrives here.

From the day we planted our first crop to today, we continue to grow our signature carnations and chrysanthemums, and many more, in our fertile red land. 

Seasonal flowers from a Redlands florist

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At The Flower Farm we are known through the Redlands for our high quality beautiful seasonal blooms. And our arrangements are inextricably linked with the beautiful area that we live. Whether we’re being inspired by the blues of the sea or the greens of the rainforest, our arrangements are curated to bring the best of the natural world indoors.

Our arrangements are also curated based on what we can pick daily from our Redlands flower fields. And that makes each bunch and arrangement as unique as their recipient. We love all our blooms, but a few of today’s favourites are:

  • Gerbera Arrangement is a vibrant seasonal mix of farm fresh gerberas. We pick our gerberas on the day they are arranged, meaning they’re blooming with gorgeous colour and intensity. These bright varied colours always remind of us the wildflowers here in the Redlands area.

  • Rose and Lily Seasonal Arrangement features gorgeous roses and lilies to create a show-stopping, fragrant arrangement. We were inspired to include Australian natives here as well, which remind us of our local bush and rainforest areas.

  • Pastel Seasonal Bunch is filled with seasonal blush pinks, pops of white and lush green foliage. Our in-house Redlands florists lovingly bunch these seasonal pastel blooms to create something unique every time, embracing the subtle pinks, oranges and lavenders of the beautiful sunrises over our local beaches. 

Beautiful hand-crafted gifts

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As Redlands florists, we’re not only inspired by our local natural beauty in our flower arrangements and bunches, but also in the gifts we curate to accompany our florals. Because of that we proudly partner with Australian hand-crafted brands and products that are made with care and attention. 

We believe that locally sourced gifts complement our beautiful local blooms, and each makes a lovely addition to your flower delivery. 

Sow’n’Sow Flower Presses

The gorgeous Sow’n’Sow Flower Presses are hand-crafted in south-east Queensland. Perfect for a crafty friend or loved one, flower presses help make the beauty of flowers and foliage last. They can be used to create one-of-a-kind cards, artworks, and gifts. 

Ivy & Wood candles

brown bottle of ivy & wood reed diffuser against a neutral framed photo surrounded by glass boxes with jewellery

Ivy & Wood candles are inspired by Australia’s native flora and hand-poured in Brisbane. The candles are made from eco-friendly soy coconut wax (which burns 50% longer and cleaner than paraffin), high quality fragrance oils and pure cotton wicks. They’re contained in quality, reusable glass jars and feature illustrations by Australian artists.

New Farm Confectionery chocolate

Everything is better with chocolate! Why not add some New Farm Confectionery chocolate to your flower delivery. We always have a range of New Farm Confectionery’s chocolates in stock, from smooth dark chocolate to raspberry bark, rocky road and honeycomb.

Handcrafted in Brisbane, New Farm Confectionery will sweeten your loved one’s day. 

Sow’n’Sow Seeds

We love the Sow‘n’Sow Gift of Seeds collection. Made in south-east Queensland, they are a lovely addition to your blooms and a perfect eco-friendly gift for friends, loved ones and colleagues. 

Let’s Brighten Someone’s Day!

Choosing a local, sustainable Redlands florist for your beautiful blooms and gifts feels great. 

Get in touch with us today at The Flower Farm, we’d love to help you brighten someone’s day.