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Benefits of Buying Locally Grown Flowers From a Cleveland florist

The Flower Farm has been part of the Redlands community for over 40 years. Rather than large scale wholesale flower production, we focus on the floral version of ‘paddock to plate’ – let’s call it field to vase. 

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From our fields surrounding The Flower Farm, we sow, grow, pick, arrange and deliver our flowers and bouquets to our local community. We want to ensure our wonderful customers receive beautiful fresh-cut, locally grown flowers. 

But not all flowers are local. And like any products, there are benefits to buying locally grown flowers from a local farm. 

Where do your flowers come from

field of peach and yellow carnations with a close up of a few just about to bloom

In Australia, over half of flowers sold by florists, grocery shops and at petrol stations are imported from overseas, mainly Kenya, Colombia and Ecuador. A significant concern surrounding imported cut flowers is their potential biosecurity risk. They may arrive carrying pests or diseases that could severely impact Australia’s own crops.

Imported flowers must also travel vast distances and somehow arrive looking ‘fresh’. In order to mimic that fresh appearance, overseas growers must pick the flowers, then freeze them, before boxing them up and flying them thousands of miles to their new destination.

Even then, they may have more waiting and travel time, as they pass through customs and then travelled by road to reach their point of sale. 

That’s why imported flowers simply don’t last in the same way that locally grown, farm-fresh flowers do.

Australia does not yet have ‘country of origin’ labelling for cut flowers, like in the food industry. So sometimes it may be hard to tell when flowers are imported and when they are locally grown (like from a Birkdale florist!). It’s likely to come soon, through bands supplied through the Flower Industry of Australia

Why choose locally grown flowers from a Birkdale florist?

Fresher flowers

Cleveland florist in a blue shirt cutting red and white gerberas from a field of flowers

At The Flower Farm, we’re a Redlands florists and we grow flowers that thrive in our Brisbane climate. Working with flowers grown in their optimal environment means we can provide a variety of flowers at their freshest and best. And that means that our farm-fresh flowers arrive to you at their optimal best, and stay that way for as long as possible in your vase or arrangement

To ensure that we’re giving you the best of the best, we pick flowers daily from our flower fields. Once picked, our blooms don’t need to leave water until they’re expertly arranged into bunches or arrangements for orders or our shop. 

More sustainable blooms

Cleveland florists fields of white flowers with a dirt walkway up the middle and stakes holding up the blooms on either side

When you buy local, you’re also saving the climate. As farmer florists, our blooms are sustainable, with the vast majority being home grown in our fields, and arranged with love and care.

We pride ourselves on being sustainable within our own processes as well, and work towards a low carbon footprint with minimal waste. And we donate any excess flowers seasonally to the lifestyle programs at our local aged care homes.

Support your local community

image of two of our Flower Farm team in our workshop with a bouquet of yellow blooms

When you buy local you’re supporting your local community of growers – including us as Cleveland florists. We’ve been growing and selling locally grown flowers for over 40 years. And we love being part of the Redlands district.

Our mission is to provide the freshest and best flower arrangements and bunches in Brisbane, through our Birkdale Florist and local delivery

The Flower Farm difference

As an independent flower grower, we have been part of the Redlands community for over forty years. We know our local red soil, our local bees, birds and other fauna, the weather patterns, seasonal changes, and the ‘calendar of flowers’. And it’s our great privilege to know many of our wonderful customers. 

Our regular local deliveries, our shop front and our new customers mean we are always meeting the people who make up our vibrant local community. It’s a joy to brighten so many days through our blooms. 

Order local today!

When you order from The Flower Farm, you are choosing a local, sustainable florist, committed to bringing you the freshest and most beautiful blooms. Our local expertise means we can help you choose flowers for every occasion and vase. 

Get in touch with us today as your local, go-to Cleveland florist for locally grown flowers.