image of white and pink china with a white and pink bouquet on a white tablecloth for flower style

What's Your Flower Style? How to Choose Flowers that Complement Your Style

Having a space that feels like home is important. It helps you feel peaceful and relaxed. And it just feels like you

Of course having a home that feels like you comes down to functionality, comfort and your personal style. And once you’ve spent months choosing the perfect décor for your home – from furniture to light fixtures – your floral arrangements are the icing on the cake.

So, what is your home’s style? And how do you choose a flower style that complements it? Our expert Brisbane florists weigh in.

Your personal flower style

Your personal flower preferences should complement your home’s vibe. Here are some of the most popular interior design styles, and the flower styles that work well together.

Modern Style

white room with minimal white furnishings and climbing ivy in a beige vase for modern flower style

The modern style is a broad design term. But in general it refers to an interior design style that has clean lines, a simple and neutral colour palette and relies on the use of glass, metal and steel elements.

Modern Flower Style – monochromatic arrangements or greenery-only based arrangements, bulk plantings with exposed bulbs, asymmetrical and organic shapes.

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Minimalist Style

image of two ceramic vases on a white table with greens in the larger one for minimalist flower style

The minimalist style is not unlike modern design, but even more simplified. It features neutral colour palettes and streamlined furnishings. And it embraces extreme functionality and ultra-clean lines.  

Minimalist Flower Style – mini arrangements, one main bloom or flowery type in a stunning vase, architectural lines such as papyrus, elephant reed or lilies.

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Industrial Style

industrial style kitchen and dining room with room, white and steel, with a architectural bouquet in the background for industrial flower style

The industrial style is inspired by urban environments and warehouse or loft spaces. The elements here are raw and unfinished – such as exposed brick, steel, wood and even ductwork.

Industrial Flower Style – preserved flowers, single flower type arrangements under glass cloches, dark-hued florals and traditional flowers, such as roses and orchids.

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Mid-Century Modern

image of a lamb and rustic flowervase on table top with pink blooms for mid-century modern flower style

This style takes its inspiration from the designs favoured in the mid-1900s (1950s and 60s). It embraces functional and fuss-free elements, as well as pared-down (and sometimes organic) contemporary forms. 

Mid-Century Modern Flower Style – arrangements of orchids, gardenias and stephanotis, straightforward compositions with an unexpected twist, such as the use of vegetables within the arrangement.

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Scandinavian Style

scandinavian flower style with an overflowing table with blooms and blankets for hygge

This style pays homage to the simple, comfortable life. There is a focus on functionality, but wrapped up in hygge – the idea of cosiness that brings wellbeing. In this style you might see a lot of white colour palettes and natural elements, as well as distinctive wide wooden floors. You’ll also see pops of colour and natural fibres.

Scandinavian Flower Style – garden flowers in rustic wooden containers or wrapped in burlap or cloth, single colour bouquets with a few brightly coloured blooms scattered throughout, twigs, sticks and non-floral elements included in arrangements.

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Coastal Hamptons Style

image of light grey couch with white pillows and a blue vase with white flowers for coastal-flower-style

Inspired by the beach and coastline, the Hamptons style embraces light and airy colour palettes with neutral shades enhanced by blues and greens. Furniture is typically white or neutral. And wood and natural elements are used, often from the sea. You might also expect to see iconic blue and white striped pillows or lampshades and painted white furniture. 

Hamptons Flower Style – single style blooms in white or neutrals in a glass vase (particularly tulips or peonies), anemone mix in white and green, garden flowers wrapped in burlap.

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Bohemian Style

image of a bright mix of bohemian flower style on a wooden outdoor set

This style reflects a carefree, relaxed lifestyle without rigid rules. You can expect to see vintage furniture, internationally-inspired textiles, rugs and décor. And comfort reigns supreme – with an abundance of overstuffed furniture, floor pillows, throw rugs, blankets and more. 

The style also embraces elements from all different styles. A glam chandelier might be paired with a faded op-shop rug and a mid-century chair, for example. With the bohemian style, anything goes. 

Bohemian Flower Style – unexpected flower combinations delivered in unusual containers, riot of bright colours in a mix of styles and shapes, abundant flowers throughout the entire space.

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Traditional Style

pillows with geometric patterns, black vase with yellow flowers and a yellow vase for traditional flower style

This is your classic style rooted in European history. Traditional homes feature dark wood, that is highly finished, rich layers of colour and a wide variety of textures. It also embraces curved lines, lush fabrics (like velvet and silk) and ornate details.

Traditional Flower Style – traditionally structured arrangements incorporating blooms in similar colours (or complementary colours) and greenery.

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Whatever your home’s vibe, we have a flower arrangement to suit it. Get in touch with us at The Flower Farm. We’d love to help you find the perfect arrangement for your home and lifestyle!