image of a spray of Australian native purple and white flowers on a wooden floor

The Best Australian Natives for Cut Flowers

Australians love to see our native flowers and foliage in bouquets and arrangements. Their diversity of colours, sizes, textures and shapes bring warmth, depth and interest to floral arrangements. Some shine as a floral focal point, while others shimmer in their supporting roles. 

At The Flower Farm we love offering cut natives in our own arrangements. Here are our top ten best Australian natives for cut flowers that you should consider in your own home.

Best Australian natives for cut flowers

Of the thousands of native Australian floral and foliage species, there are only about 30 that are commonly used in floristry. We’ve narrowed the list down to only ten to share today – from A to W - based on their wonderful floral diversity. 


image of yellow wattle with greenery behind for best Australian natives for cut flowers

More commonly known as ‘wattle’, acacia forms as an inflorescent (which means that many flowers group together to appear as one flower) – either as a ‘globular inflorescent’ or as ‘cylindrical inflorescent’. An iconic Australian flower, acacia ranges in colour from pale to vibrant yellow. 


image of orange banksias on green tree with blue background for best Australian natives for cut flowers

Banksias bloom in green, yellow, orange and red. They are unscented and have a distinctive cone-like shape. We love the focal point banksias provide in an arrangement, and that they have a very long vase-life.

Billy Buttons

image of a field of yellow Billy Buttons, Australian native flowers

Billy Buttons are a favourite for dried flower arrangements, as they hold both their vibrant yellow colour and structure. Their globe-shaped flowers on tall stems add height, depth and interest which makes them a perfect cut flower for fresh arrangements too. 

Christmas Bush

Christmas Bush is a fantastic floral filler. Its green foliage and small red, star-shaped flowers add softness and interest to any floral bouquet or arrangement. We think Christmas Bush is one of the best Australian natives for cut flowers at this time of year

Eucalyptus foliage

image of the grey green foliage of eucalyptus

Eucalyptus foliage is more commonly used in floristry than its flowers. There are several different species of eucalyptus, each with their own distinctive leaf shape and colour. Our favourites are Silver Dollar, True Blue and Gum Drop. Their silvery-grey, round-shaped leaves add beautiful colour and texture to bouquets and arrangements.


image of a cluster of orange everlastings for best australian natives for cut flowers

Everlastings are an enduring favourite. Also known as paper daisies, they are frost and drought tolerant, so suit any climate. Grown in shades of pink and white, with centres of yellow or black, Everlastings are one of the best Australian natives for cut flowers.

Flannel flowers

image of a pair of white flannel flowers with a green grey blurry background

Flannel flowers are a popular wildflower, getting their name from their velvety, silver grey leaves and soft, white petals. Their flowers are daisy-like in appearance, but their petals are softer and more delicate.

Kangaroo paws

image of a small cluster of red kangaroo paws on the background of white and yellow grass for best australian natives for cut flowers

Kangaroo paws have distinctive long stems with furry-textured, tubular blooms that mimic kangaroo toes. They come in a range of colours, most commonly in vibrant red and yellow. And they add texture and visual interest to contemporary bouquets and arrangements.


image of a trio of bright red waratahs on a tree with a blurry background

Another flower that is iconically Australian, the waratah has a red/crimson bloom, with serrated leaves and a long stem. Waratahs are a spring flower and don’t bloom for long. They do have a long vase-life, so while they’re available, they’re a true favourite for best Australian natives for cut flowers.


Waxflowers are a wildflower species, grown as an evergreen shrub. They have beautiful pink, purple or white flowers. Their small, stiff petals are what gives them the name ‘waxflower’. 

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We hope you’ve found a new favourite Australian native to choose for a bespoke floral bouquet or arrangement. Get in touch with us – we’d love to create something especially for you or your loved one. Whether a whole bunch of Australian natives – or one special, focal flower – Australian natives are a wonderful choice.