brisbane florists hands arranging multicoloured roses with baby's breath into an arrangement

Master Your Flower Arrangements with Tips from an Expert Brisbane Florists

Many of us have tried our hand at arranging a few sweet flowers into a vase. But then we take a look at our results and wonder why they don’t look quite like the professionally styled arrangements we have adored online. The truth is, there is a skill to creating masterful flower arrangements. But it’s one that you can learn!

And who better to ask for a few flower styling tips than the masterful Brisbane florists at The Flower Farm. The team has been growing, harvesting and designing stunning flower arrangements for decades, so they certainly know a few tricks of the trade. 

Why Choose a Flower Arrangement?

pink vase with pink and yellow muted blooms arrangement made by expert brisbane florists on a white background

Flower arrangements are typically ready-to-display floral designs, often presented in a vase or display box. Bunches, on the other hand, come wrapped in paper and can be transferred into a vase just as they are. But recipients usually treat them to a bit of personal arranging when they put them on display. 

People love professional floral arrangements because they offer visually striking designs. They’re also perfect to celebrate a special occasion, such as a baby shower, birth of a baby, birthday, memorial, anniversary or wedding. And they can act as a centrepiece, a room display or given as a gift. 

But while you can always engage the help of a professional florist to tailor-make an arrangement for your needs, flower arranging is also a fun project to take on yourself! And with a few tips you might even surprise yourself!

Flower Arranging Tips from Expert Brisbane Florists

With some expert guidance from Brisbane florists The Flower Farm, you will be able to create a standout flower arrangement to brighten any room. Here are some of our best tips to get you started.

Tip 1: Choose an appropriate colour palette

close up of an array of purple and lavender blooms seen from above

Think about the mood you want to create with your flower arrangement. For example, is this a fun gift to cheer up a friend, or a more serious arrangement for a professional office setting? The desired mood will help dictate your colour palette.

You might choose cream tones or pastels for a soothing baby girl arrangement, or vibrant oranges and yellows for a cheerful bright seasonal arrangement. Whatever your goals, aim to choose a palette that features similar or complementary colours, as this will help create cohesion in the arrangement.

Tip 2: Select a suitable vessel

expert brisbane florist in pink dress arranging blousy blooms in a beautiful glass jug

The vessel you choose as the foundation of your flower arrangement will help dictate the height, size and ultimate shape of your design. You can opt for a foam block that sits inside a basket or box, or choose a pot, vase or shallow dish. Larger arrangements will of course need a heavier vessel to stop them from overturning. 

From here, you can think about the shape of the arrangement. Perhaps you’d like to create a horizontal display in a shallow dish running along the centre of a table. Or maybe you’d like a classic fan-shaped or oval arrangement in an attractive vase. And a triangular display is sure to turn heads in any setting.

Tip 3: Include a variety of floral shapes, sizes and textures

Choosing a variety of flower shapes, sizes and textures can help you to attain a balanced overall look in your flower arrangement, while also helping to create visual interest. For example, combining smooth greenery with fluffy flowers, tall fronds with shorter blooms, and perhaps a spiky bird of paradise with petal-ringed gerberas will add layers and dimension to your design. 

Consider choosing one main focal point which can help tie an arrangement together, whether this be from one or a cluster of flowers. Odd numbers of flowers also typically look more natural in an arrangement.

Tip 4: Embrace your personal style

image of an arrangement of multicoloured blooms including mums and gerberas in a white washed rectangular box with a green background put together by expert brisbane florists

When it comes to flower arranging, if you love what you’ve done that’s really the most important element. Some arrangements are more casual, others more formal, some are minimalist focusing on only one colour or style of bloom, while others are an effusion of different flowers, colours and styles. 

At the end of the day, your arrangements should fill you with joy. If they have, you’ve done it perfectly!

Tip 5: Choose quality Brisbane florists

Regardless of which style, colour or vessel you select, the most important element to achieving the finest arrangement possible is the quality of the flowers. Forget wilted petals and soggy stems that have been standing in a bucket on the supermarket floor for weeks – choose quality by picking flowers from Brisbane florists The Flower Farm. You can rest assured your flowers have been grown not flown, giving you that farm-fresh difference.

At the Flower Farm, our team nurture a variety of local seasonal flowers perfect for your next arrangement, from gerberas, sunflowers and snapdragons to chrysanthemums, carnations, roses, lilies and more. Make sure you also team your flowers with splashes of greenery to round out the arrangement.

Need a flower arrangement but don’t want to DIY?

image of expert brisbane florist arranging blooms into a beautiful arrangement

Brisbane florists The Flower Farm are at your service. Being farmer-florists, the team not only works the soil and sows the seeds to grow the finest flowers possible, but also picks the blooms by hand and styles them on-site. So you can be sure you will receive fresh, long-lasting arrangements grown with care.