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The Etiquette of Sympathy Flowers, Brisbane Edition

The loss of a loved one is a heartbreaking experience for anyone to endure. And during those difficult times we probably hope to convey our condolences without intruding during this deeply personal time. Your answer: sympathy flowers Brisbane.

A bouquet of flowers is a gentle way to show that you care, you’re thinking of them and they have your support. Especially when you don’t have the right words – the perfect blooms can say it all. 

But choosing the right sympathy flowers can be a tricky process. So we’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions below. Of course, if you have any additional queries please don’t hesitate to drop into our Redlands store or call us on (07) 3207 2129.

The Etiquette of Sympathy Flowers, Brisbane Edition

What is the difference between sympathy and funeral flowers?

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Funeral flowers are on display at the funeral or memorial service. Sympathy flowers are given as gifts to the loved ones of the deceased. Funeral flowers are organised and paid for by the family, often as a wreath or spray of blooms on the casket. Sympathy flowers, on the other hand, are sent to personal homes in any form you choose.

What are the best sympathy flowers to send?

Choosing the right flowers to suit the occasion is also important, as different types of blooms and various floral colours can carry different meanings. It’s also worth browsing the most popular flowers for giving to get some additional ideas.

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  • Lilies – These elegant blooms are commonly given for condolences or sympathy. White lilies in particular symbolise purity.
  • Orchids – These tall, graceful blooms symbolise love and strength, making them an appropriate selection for sympathy flowers. They also last a long time, which will be of enduring support for the grieving.
  • Carnations – White carnations symbolise purity, while red shows love and affection. Yellow is a common choice for loss. 
  • Chrysanthemums – These beautiful blooms carry different meanings and can be used as a symbol of grief and to honour the life of a loved one. Yellow mums are a common choice for sympathy.
  • Roses – The ultimate symbol of love, roses are another suitable choice for sympathy flowers in Brisbane. White represents purity, while yellow is for loyalty.
  • Mixed – You can let our experienced florists do the work by selecting a Pastel Bunch, a White Seasonal Bunch or a Sympathy Seasonal Arrangement.

Keep in mind that any kind and colour of flower will be deeply appreciated by those who are grieving. It’s the thought that counts – and your thoughts at this particularly difficult time will be treasured and remembered.

Do I need to send a gift too?

a small white gift tied with yellow twine next to yellow dried blooms on a white background

The loss of a loved one doesn’t require a gift. But once you’ve chosen your sympathy flowers, you may also wish to add a gift to your care package. A gift can be a lovely addition as it will remain long after the flowers themselves have wilted.

We have many thoughtful items to choose from, including hand-poured Ivy & Wood soy candles and self-care packages to make sure those grieving remember to take care of themselves. 

What should I write on the card?

pink and blue greeting card with the words 'with sympathy' written on the front sitting atop a pink envelope next to a small white lighted candle and white orchids on a wooden tabletop

Finding the right words to convey your emotions can be difficult. Often, less is best. A simple ‘Thinking of you’ or ‘Sending my love’ says it all. And of course, don’t forget to include your name!

A unique way to incorporate a card is via these Forget-Me-Not seed cards, which allow you to write a message as well as give a long-lasting gift that will serve as a special reminder over time.

When should I send sympathy flowers, Brisbane?

Any time is a good time for flowers in Brisbane. We’re blessed to have the kind of climate that leaves us spoiled for choice for local blooms, even in the middle of winter.

You might like to send the bouquet immediately upon hearing the sad news, or you might choose to wait a few weeks so the grieving family feels the love for longer. This is a nice way to help them feel supported in the weeks or months following the tragedy.

If you choose to send your Brisbane sympathy flowers immediately, The Flower Farm offers same-day delivery for orders that are received by 11am Monday through to Friday. If you are ordering after this time but are hoping for delivery ASAP, call us on (07) 3207 2129 and we will do our best to help. Of course, don’t forget you can also drop into our farm shop during business hours.

Should I deliver the flowers myself?

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The choice is up to you. But many people do not want to disturb grieving families or show up unannounced during such a challenging time. Instead, you can ask The Flower Farm to deliver your sympathy flowers for you. 

We deliver to residential homes, hospitals, nursing homes and retirement villages – please find time restrictions and delivery zones here. We will ensure that your chosen flowers and/or gift are delivered carefully, with respect and empathy.

Why Choose The Flower Farm for Sympathy Flowers Brisbane?

The Flower Farm offers a gorgeous range of bespoke bunches, bouquets and floral arrangements, which are created daily by our experienced florists. Our flowers are proudly 100% Australian grown so you can be sure they will be received at their fresh best, and should last for far longer than any supermarket bunches. 

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