wild bunch of white and yellow daisies with a white card with yellow writing that says happy birthday

What are the best birthday flowers?

Whether you choose a birth month flower bouquet, a favourite colour flower or flowers to complement someone’s style – you’ll find the best birthday flowers at The Flower Farm.

Unlike other special occasions, birthdays occur 365 days a year. So no matter the day, week, or month, we’re always picking and arranging beautiful birthday flowers. Fresh cut flowers are the perfect birthday gift

We’re often asked which blooms make the best birthday flowers. And while we think all flowers deserve to be celebrated, there are some guaranteed to bring a smile to your loved one’s face on their special day.  

Best birthday flowers

grandma and granddaughter holding a pink and white floral best birthday flowers arrangement and wearing pink party hats

At The Flower Farm, we believe that the best birthday flowers are any blooms chosen and sent with love. But of course there are some favourites! Today we’re keeping it simple and sharing with you our (current!) top five best birthday flowers to send.

And don’t forget to add a mini Happy Birthday balloon as a sweet little extra to brighten your loved one’s day. 


best birthday flowers including bright and light pink gerbera and orange gerbera against a solid green background

Gerberas are a perpetual birthday favourite. They are a vibrant and cheerful flower that bring light and joy to your birthday greetings. In fact, they’re generally said to mean cheerfulness and innocence (which we definitely agree with!), though different colours have different meanings:

  • Red gerberas symbolise being surrounded by love.
  • Orange gerberas are perfect to send to someone who represents ‘sunshine’ in your life.
  • Yellow gerberas suggest happiness and friendship. 
  • White gerberas traditionally mean pure love. 

Our suggestions: Gerbera Mix Bunch or Gerbera Arrangement


newsletter wrapped carnations arrangement of pastel pinks, peaches and oranges next to an open book and cup of tea

Carnations are one of the best birthday flowers as their ruffled, delicate beauty have universal, timeless appeal. As we shared in our deep dive into carnations, their scientific name is Dianthus caryophyllus. They were named by Athenians, using the Greek words for divine (dios) and flower (anthos). 

Carnations’ range of colours and perennial availability – and the fact that we’ve been growing them for over 40 years! – makes them are an excellent birthday choice, year-round. Choose from: 

  • Red carnations, which are said to mean affection, love, and admiration.
  • Pink carnations, which are associated with gratitude.
  • White carnations, which (like white gerberas) symbolise pure love. This makes them a popular choice for Mothers’ Day each year. 

We love seeing them in lush, multicoloured overabundance in our mixed arrangements!

Our suggestion: Mixed Carnation Bunch


close up of a bunch of white lillies with a bit of green peeking around the back showcasing the best birthday flowers

Lilies are a wonderful choice, and they are the best birthday flowers for anyone who loves bold, fragrant blooms. Lilies are generally said to represent innocence, purity and rebirth. However, different colours of lilies have different meanings. Two popular birthday choices are:

  • Pink lilies, which are said to symbolise support and encouragement. They’re a thoughtful happy birthday choice for someone who may need a little cheerleading for something going on in their life. 
  • Yellow lilies, which are said to symbolise health and happiness. This makes them a lovely birthday choice for someone who would appreciate your well wishes, or who needs a little boost to their health.

Our suggestion: Pastel Bunch


close up of bright pink birthday roses with a small bit of babies breath

Roses are of course traditionally associated with lovers which make them a popular choice for Valentine’s Day. But they’re also one of the world’s most recognised flower, making them a great option for many occasions – including birthdays. And because they come in a multitude of colours, you’re spoiled for choice.

For birthdays, we suggest:

  • Pink roses, because they symbolise platonic love, admiration, and gratitude.
  • Yellow roses, because (like yellow gerberas) they suggest happiness and friendship.
  • White roses symbolise new beginnings, making them a thoughtful birthday choice for someone starting a new job, moving to a new house or who is maybe a new parent or grandparent!

Our suggestions: Pink Seasonal Bunch or White Seasonal Bunch

Favourite flower!

Our final best birthday flowers suggestion for today is the birthday person’s favourite flower! This requires a little extra inside knowledge about your intended recipient, which makes a bespoke bouquet or arrangement an especially thoughtful gift.

Whether their favourite flower is a chrysanthemum, sunflower, dahlia or peony, a customised floral gift will make someone’s (birth)day! 

Our suggestions: Bright Seasonal Bunch or Bright Seasonal Arrangement 

Send birthday flowers today!

Sending flowers at any time shows your love and care, but it also a lovely gift for a birthday. We’d love to create your birthday bouquet or arrangement. So get in touch with us at The Flower Farm today!