close up image of wedding bouquet by brisbane florist with soft pink and white blooms including roses and dahlias and muted greens

Anniversary Flowers By Year From Your Brisbane Florist

As a Brisbane florist we love, love. Engagements. Weddings. Anniversaries. And while we often talk about wedding flowers, there’s nothing better than a beautiful bouquet to honour an anniversary too. 

You probably already know that each wedding anniversary can be marked by a traditional gift. Paper for one year, tin for 10 years and silver for 25. But there are also traditional anniversary flowers for each year up to 15, and for 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 years. 

So, if you’re wondering what flowers to gift for your next anniversary, read on. 

Recommendations for anniversary flowers from a Brisbane florist

close up image of wedding bouquet by brisbane florist with soft pink and white blooms including roses and dahlias and muted greens

Some of the favourite floral creations from the Brisbane florists at The Flower Farm are blooms to celebrate wedding anniversaries – and anniversaries of all kinds. 

From the traditional romance of roses to more contemporary, seasonal choices, there’s a bunch, arrangement or gift perfect for your partner. 

1st wedding anniversary – Carnation

two pink chrysanthemums with green stems against a taupe background by brisbane florist

We love that first wedding anniversaries are traditionally celebrated by our signature flower, the carnation. Because they’re perennially available, we can craft a bespoke bunch of carnations for your one year wedding anniversary no matter the time of year you said ‘I do’! 

Carnations are also stunning. They have a ruffled delicacy, come in a range of gorgeous colours and have a long vase-life

Carnations have different meanings, depending on their colour, as well as a long association with Mothers’ Day. So, our recommendation is to choose your favourite colour (except yellow, as they are associated with rejection and regret!) and request a bespoke bunch!

Our suggestion – Bright Seasonal Bunch

5th wedding anniversary – Daisy

Daisies are a sweet, cheerful flower that radiate happiness and the traditional bloom for a five-year anniversary. Symbolic of new beginnings and rebirth – particularly white –daisies are a lovely way to mark the day as well. 

Our suggestion – White Seasonal Bunch

10th wedding anniversary – Daffodil

close up of brisbane florist daffodils, white and yellow, growing in a field with lots of green

The flower to celebrate a tenth wedding anniversary is the daffodil. They symbolise hope, joy and resilience, which are wonderful reminders for honouring 10 years together. 

Daffodils are traditionally a late winter / spring-time flower in Australia. So they’re perfect to honour your anniversary if you got married in August or September regardless of the year. This is especially lovely if you or your partner had daffodils in your bouquet. 

Our suggestion – Pamper Gift Box

15th wedding anniversary – Rose

Traditionally considered the most romantic flower of all, roses from your Brisbane florist are the traditional flower to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary. From long-stemmed red roses to say ‘I love you’ to yellow roses for happiness, we can create a bespoke bunch to show your love on reaching 15 years of married life together. 

Our suggestion – Much Love Gift Box

20th wedding anniversary – Aster

close up of a bunch of purple asters with pink centers for Brisbane florists

Asters are the birth month flower of September and the flower to celebrate 20 years of marriage. 

Asters (which means ‘stars’ in Greek) are part of the daisy flower family. And they’re grown in a wide range of colours. Their symbolic meanings include love, faith, wisdom, patience and friendship, which makes them particularly perfect to celebrate 20 years together. 

Our suggestion – Pink Seasonal Bunch

25th Wedding Anniversary – Iris

Irises symbolise love and adoration – the perfect flower to send your partner to celebrate 25 years of married life together. 

Our suggestion – Lilac Seasonal Arrangement 

30th Wedding Anniversary – Lily

close up of pink lillies growing in a field with green stems around by florists in brisbane

The classically elegant lily is the official flower to celebrate a thirtieth wedding anniversary. Pink lilies symbolise remembrance, love, and admiration, making them the perfect colour choice to honour a 30-year marriage milestone.

Our suggestion – Pastel Seasonal Arrangement 

40th Wedding Anniversary – Gladiolus

As well as being a birth month flower for August, the glorious gladiolus is the suitably impressive flower to honour a 40-year wedding anniversary. They symbolise faithfulness, strength of character and integrity. And these are all definitely characteristics of a long marriage.

Our suggestion – Bright Seasonal Arrangement 

50th Wedding Anniversary – Yellow Rose and Violet

Celebrating the remarkable achievement of 50 years of wedded bliss sees a combination of two beautiful flowers, yellow roses and violets. 

Yellow roses are symbolic of happiness and friendship, while violets symbolise commitment and humility. As your Brisbane florist we can create something truly unique and gorgeous for your 50th wedding anniversary bouquet or arrangement.

Our suggestion – Yellow Arrangement 

Brisbane Florist – flowers for any wedding anniversary

No matter how many years of marriage you are celebrating this year, get in touch with us at The Flower Farm. From our seasonal bunches and arrangements to our unique gifts and bespoke blooms, we would love to put together something beautiful to memorably celebrate your wedding anniversary.