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Flower Farmer vs Florist: What's the Difference?


Ever wondered about the difference between flower farmers and florists? We think farmer-florists may be the name for us, as Redlands’ fresh flowers experts!

Searching the web or asking for word-of-mouth referrals for flowers can be confusing. You’re faced with wedding florists, local florists, boutique florists, floral designers, floral stylists and flower farms. Do they all do the same thing, and which one is best for your bouquet? 

As Redlands’ fresh flowers experts, we can cut through the floral confusion and explain why farmer-florists like us are your perfect floral solution, no matter the occasion.

Flower Farmer vs Florist: What's the Difference?


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Floriculture is ‘a type of horticulture practice that focuses on the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for gardens, as well as for commercial use’. And it’s what we do at The Flower Farm

We sow and grow your flowers, then pick them from our fields after you have ordered your bouquet. You will receive farm-fresh flowers that have been ‘grown not flown’, picked by expert flower farmers and arranged by the very best Brisbane florists.


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According to Indeed, traditional florists (local, boutique, wedding or otherwise) ‘arrange pre-cut flowers and plants into beautiful bouquets for selling’. They tend to not grow their own flowers and have a brick-and-mortar or online shop. The ‘pre-cut’ flowers arranged by florists can come from anywhere. The ABC has reported that Australia imports the majority of its cut flowers from Kenya, Colombia and Ecuador. 

Imported flowers 

Flowers from an unknown origin have a shorter lifespan in your vase. This is because they are picked and kept in refrigerated storage prior to shipping. Once the flowers arrive in Australia, they must be cleared and treated through quarantine to ensure they are not carrying any pests or infections. Their trip from being fresh cut to arriving at a florist for arranging, can range from days to weeks. 

The flower farmer difference

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Most of our flowers at The Flower Farm are hand sown, grown and picked from our own fields. For flowers that don’t grow in the Brisbane climate (such as irises, tulips, lilies and Singapore orchids), we directly source them from other flower farmers. This means we bypass the storage and over-handling process and ensure the freshness of these cut flowers. 

Using flowers grown in their optimal climate allows us to provide our customers with a variety of beautiful flowers year-round, at their freshest and best. 

Floral designers and stylists

Floral designers and stylists tend to offer design and styling services without farming their own flowers. They tend to be creative specialists working from a studio, purchasing cut-flowers specifically for each customised arrangement. 

Floral designers and stylists use whatever cut-flowers best suit their customised arrangements and client’s requirements. Their use of locally grown, seasonal, or sustainable flowers will therefore vary, as will the vase-life of their arrangements.


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At The Flower Farm, we are flower farmers and farmer-florists. We grow flowers commercially to create beautiful arrangements for purchase in store or in our online shop. We sow and grow our flowers, and practice natural pest control.  

Our family-owned flower farm has been in the Redlands since 1979, and we have generations of flower farming and floral artistry experience. We no longer sell our flowers wholesale or to florists, selling our flowers directly to our valued customers. 

We are farmer-florists and create seasonal bunches and arrangements, and bouquets and gifts for every occasion, from birthdays to just because and thank you. We are involved in the farm-to-vase process and care for our flowers, every step of the way. 

Come by and see our 'grown not flown' flowers for yourself!

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As Redlands’ flower farmers and fresh flowers experts, we have beautiful fresh-cut flowers for any and every occasion! Our ‘grown not flown’ flowers are grown, cut, and arranged for you and delivered to your door.

Stop by and see us at our Birkdale shop. We’d love to help you find your ‘perfect’ flowers (and tell you more about our flower farm!).