image of the flower farm fields with sun protection overhead and a green grassy verge

7 Reasons You Should Choose Flowers Direct From the Farm

Whether you’re buying flowers to celebrate, commiserate or ‘just because’, flowers direct from farm are always the way to go. 

But why buy direct from farm when you could just throw a bouquet into your trolley on your next supermarket shop? Well, because you care. You care about the environment, your community and buying the freshest, most beautiful flowers available! 

Of course, we could wax lyrical about why farm-fresh flowers are a cut above the rest. Or better yet, our loyal customers could do the talking for us. But instead we’ll keep it short and sweet and highlight seven simple reasons to choose flowers direct from the farm.

Why You Should Choose Flowers Direct From Farm

flowers direct from the farm including a white tall arrangement in a glass vase and a multicoloured arrangement wrapped in paper next to it

1. They look and smell better

Nothing beats vibrant blooms freshly picked from our farm’s thriving soil. We take care of our land, nurture our seedlings and pick our plants at the perfect time so that you receive the best quality possible. 

We also choose varieties that are optimal for our climate, season and growing conditions. This ensures that we are working with nature, and not against it. Check out some of the incredible colours and perfect petal formations on our social media pages to see for yourself.

2. They last longer

image of flower farm employee picking the freshest flowers for delivering direct from farm

Because our plants are happier and healthier, and stay in the soil for longer, they also stay fresher for longer (this is one of the benefits of buying locally grown flowers!). Our flowers are picked at their peak to ensure they have the longest life, particularly if you take good care of them when you get home. 

When you buy from a supermarket, petrol station or even some florists’ shelves, your flowers may have already travelled many kilometres over many days. They could have even been refrigerated or frozen for export. Think of the time it would take to ship the plants overseas, thaw them out and wait for a buyer. So many wasted days of freshness and longevity.

3. They’re better for the environment

Today’s shoppers are far more ethically minded and aware of the environmental impacts their purchases can have on the planet. Consider flowers that rack up their own air miles, and because of it a lofty carbon footprint, compared to flowers that are picked by hand and carried onto our shop floor. That’s why we fully embrace the ‘grown not flown’ ethos.

When you choose direct from farm flowers you’re choosing growers that are dedicated to protecting our patch of earth and promoting healthy soil, while minimising the use of pesticides and fertilisers. Sustainable and bee-friendly growing practices are not only better for the environment, but also the end product: healthier, lush flowers for you.

4. They reflect the seasons

image of flowers growing in the flower farm's field showcasing fresh flowers direct from farm

When you buy flowers direct from farm, they have been grown in tune with the seasons. This means that our offerings change depending on the month. This keeps things exciting for both us and our customers.

Of course we also grow some lovely perennials that will always be in abundance in the Redlands. Any flowers that do not grow well in our climate are sourced directly from other trusted direct from the farm growers.

5. They are delivered with care

You may have heard a recent story about Bloomex and its flower deliveries. When you order from The Flower Farm, you will know where your flowers are coming from. And you can be sure they will be delivered with care

When you place an order within our delivery zones before 11am Monday to Saturday, they will typically be delivered the same day (we even try our best for orders placed after 11am!). We deliver to hospitals, nursing homes, aged care facilities, schools, businesses and, of course, homes.

6. They come with an expert touch

 image of one of flower farm's stunning tall arrangements featuring gerberas, flowers direct from farm

We have more than 40 years’ experience working with flowers, so we know a thing or two about blooms! But while we absolutely love sowing, growing, tending to and picking our flowers, the most important part of the process is pleasing our customers. 

We love to create floral designs that will offer comfort, celebrate with you or show how much someone cares for you. As farmer-florists, we are experts in floriculture and floristry so our daily bunches and seasonal arrangements are always on point. 

So, whether you’re after a pastel bunch, mixed carnation bunch, baby boy arrangement, baby girl arrangement or any of our other products, our skilful designs will never disappoint.

7. They support local families

image of two flower farm female employees in the florist shop holding blooms

When you buy flowers direct from farm, you are supporting Redlands locals. The Sihota family has lived in the area for more than 40 years, with Tarsem and Harbans buying their first Birkdale farm in 1978, relocating to a second property in 1981 and ultimately expanding to our current site on Birkdale Road.

The rich red soil and passion of the farmer-florists was plentiful, and the Sihotas later transitioned from wholesale supply to serving their local community. Three generations are now involved in this authentic family and wholly local business. And when you support us, and any local company, you’re also supporting better transparency in the supply chain than buying from international suppliers.

Want to Buy Flowers Direct From the Farm?

It’s easy to buy flowers direct from the farm when you purchase from our team at the Flower Farm! From extravagant arrangements to modest bunches, you can count on our team to inject a generous sprinkling of love and expert care into every bloom you buy.

Shop by occasion, choose a bunch or arrangement or even browse our range of gifts. Phone (07) 3207 2129 or get in touch and we can help you find just what you need.