close up of yellow, pink and hot pink gerbera daisies clustered together

Gerberas: A Deep Dive into the World's Happiest Flower

Even if you're not an expert on flowers, chances are you’re very familiar with the bright and cheerful gerbera. These vibrant blooms are a favourite of both professional florists and home DIY flower arrangers for their ability to add a splash of colour and joy to any occasion. 

At The Flower Farm, our love for gerberas is evident. We not only grow them in our flower fields (and they look absolutely gorgeous there!) but we also include them in many of the bouquets we craft as well. To us, gerberas are not just flowers. They’re a source of joy and inspiration (and they actual mean ‘happiness’!) and we’ve embraced that since we first opened our doors all those many years ago. 

So, let’s take a deep dive into the happiest flower in the world – the gerbera.

A Deep Dive into Gerberas

image of a bunch of multi-coloured gerberas, pink, orange, yellow and more, in a blue square container sitting on a wooden slatted table

Gerberas, with their large, daisy-like blooms, are generally believed to be native to South Africa (where it’s commonly known as the Barberton daisy). But these beautiful blooms have found a place in hearts and gardens worldwide. In fact, today they’ll grow easily in almost all warm climates, including our own beautiful Australia.

Gerberas are also known as ‘gerbera daisies’ because of their large, daisy-like blooms. Unlike the rose, which is often associated with romance, gerberas speak a universal language of happiness and positivity.

Gerberas in Australia

close up of red and pink gerberas with green stems growing in a field against

Gerberas have been a significant part of Australian gardens for decades. They thrive in our warm (and generally moist) climate and are beloved by Australian gardeners for adding a burst of colour to our garden landscapes. 

We don’t just keep them in the garden, however. Australians particularly love gerberas in bouquets, table arrangements and even wedding bunches, where their wide variety of colours mean they can match any theme or emotion. That makes them perfect for enhancing the joy of a wedding to boosting the joy and celebration of a big birthday.

Symbolism and occasions

Gerberas have a variety of meanings, but one of the most well-known is ‘happiness’.  In fact, all the other meanings – including innocence, childlike joy and even gratefulness, all seem to rotate around this central idea. 

Because gerberas are versatile in their symbolism, they’re wonderful for any number of events and sentiments. They’re often given as gifts to simply brighten someone's day or to express love or affection.

Colours and meanings

tall arrangement of gerbera daisies, pink, orange, and yellow, for highlighting the colours and meanings of the colours of the blooms

Various colours (and there are so many) have their own meanings. For example, yellow gerberas symbolise cheerfulness and celebration. Red gerberas represent immersive or all-encompassing love. And pink gerberas are a symbol of adoration, admiration or high esteem. 

In addition: 

  • Red gerberas convey love and passion.
  • White gerberas represent purity and innocence.
  • Yellow gerberas symbolise cheerfulness, celebration and friendship.
  • Pink gerberas express, adoration, admiration, high esteem and gratitude.
  • Orange gerberas signify warmth and energy.

Best times to give gerberas

At The Flower Farm, we recommend gerberas for nearly any occasion, though in general, we’d recommend white or pastel colours for a sympathy arrangement. But they’re perfect for saying congratulations, thank you or sending just because. 

Again, because they come in such a wide range of colours they’re hugely adaptable and always worth considering in your cut bouquets.

Caring for your cut gerberas

Gerberas can stay fresh and vibrant for several days with proper care. Our expert tips include choosing the right vase, trimming the stems at an angle and providing fresh water and flower food. You can get more detailed care instructions in our guide, 'How to Care for Cut Flowers' and learn to make your own DIY flower food on our blog as well!

Sourcing your gerberas

close up of pink gerbera daisies with green stems and flowers growing in a field

Just like with all flowers, buying your gerbera daisies from a local, sustainable source (that embraces the ‘grown not flown’ movement) is always the best way forward. This ensures you’re getting the freshest, most long lasting flowers, as well as supporting the environment and your local growing community. 

At the Flower Farm we wholly embrace this ‘grown not flown’ ethos and love to use our own farm grown gerberas in our bouquets, bunches and posies. Whether you’re looking for a single-colour bouquet or a vibrant mix, our expert florists can craft the perfect arrangement for you. 

We love our gerbera daisies!

extreme close up of pink gerbera

Whether you want to incorporate white gerberas into a wedding or sympathy arrangement, or into your minimalist home, or want to use a bright array of colours like orange, hot pink, yellow and red into your event, there will be a fantastic choice. 

Of course, our team is always on hand to help you make gorgeous choices. Just get in touch today! We can offer suggestions, advice and answer any questions you might still have about gerbera daisies!