extreme close up of bright pink, white, light pink and red flown not grown flowers wrapped in white and brown paper

Embracing the ‘Grown Not Flown’ Movement

Modern consumers are more switched on than ever before. They don’t just care about the products they’re buying. They also care about the impact this product’s purchase will have on the world around them. And that includes flowers.

The ‘Grown Not Flown’ movement embraces the holistic, sustainable approach to flower buying. It’s a movement that’s been spearheaded by flower farmers, small scale producers and local-focussed florists, including us right here at the Flower Farm. 

So what is the ‘Grown Not Flown’ movement? And how does it benefit the world we live in? Let’s dive in!

What is the ‘Grown Not Flown’ movement

image of three bouquet of flowers that are grown not flown wrapped in paper and stacked on wooden boxes on a wooden table with a grey background

At its heart, the ‘Grown Not Flown’ movement is about prioritising quality over quantity, and sustainability over competitiveness. In this movement, consumers are encouraged to choose to purchase seasonal blooms from local flower farms, particularly local producers that also use sustainable and eco-friendly growing practices. 

This ethos resonates with modern consumers because it delivers superior flowers while also nurturing the land they come from and the local economy that produces them. It’s a holistic approach and one that we also embrace wholeheartedly.

Benefits of ‘Grown Not Flown’

image of rows of red, white and yellow flowers growing in a field with white sun protection overhead and a grassy verge for the grown not flown movement

There are so many benefits to shopping for flowers in this way. These include:

  • Better quality flowers. Local flower farms, including The Flower Farm, focus on growing varieties that thrive in our specific climate and soil conditions. This results in flowers that are not only extremely beautiful, but are also healthier, lusher and longer lasting. 
  • Lower environmental impact. Mass produced flowers often have to endure long, carbon-intensive transport. This isn’t good for the flowers, which simply aren’t as fresh, or the environment, as the impact of that transportation can have a negative effect on the climate too. The ‘Grown Not Flown’ movement significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the flower industry overall, as well as the CO2 emissions from the transportation.

Many local Australian growers (including ourselves!) also use more sustainable farming practices than bigger producers or overseas growers. By minimising the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers, using a bee-friendly and environmentally aware practices, we’re farming from the soil up. And this holistic approach is better for the environment overall. 

  • Support local communities. By choosing to buy locally grown flowers, consumers are putting their purchasing power to support their local communities. Purchasing from local growers supports those growers, their local employees and small businesses in an area as well. This helps sustain the local economy and creates a beautiful sense of community. And diversification is a better way to create a more sustainable future.
  • Embracing the seasons. ‘Grown Not Flown’ perfectly aligns with the ideal of purchasing seasonal produce. Even if you don’t eat or garnish with your edible flowers (and you should definitely try these flower-adorned seasonal cocktails!) ensuring we buy seasonally is better for our health and wellbeing. We can embrace the rhythm of nature and the diversity it offers us throughout the year.
  • Connecting with local producers. One of the goals of this movement is to increase the local choices available to you and all local consumers. By showcasing the local flowers that are available, more and more people become aware of and connect with their own local producers and they’re better able to choose local first. 

A new way of buying blooms!

close up of gorgeous large bouquet of bright multicoloured locally grown flowers held by a flower farm employee blurred in the background

The ‘Grown Not Flown’ movement is more than just a trend. It’s a new way of buying blooms. It’s also a testament to both the passion and commitment of farmers and producers who are choosing a better way to grow flowers each and every day, and to the mindset of modern consumers who are embracing this movement to enjoy higher quality flowers, reduce their environmental impact and support their local growers and community. 

At the Flower Farm we’re proud to be part of this movement. And when you purchase from us we guarantee that every flower tells the story of local love and sustainable beauty!

Get in touch with us at The Flower Farm, or call in and see us at the shop and let’s keep the ‘Grown Not Flown’ trend going!!