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Why Choose Australian Grown Flowers vs Imported Blooms?

The past couple of decades have seen an influx of imported flowers into Australia. Unfortunately this has seen many local growers either being put out of business or struggling to make ends meet. While our food typically carries ‘country of origin’ labels, the same does not yet apply to flowers. So shoppers are usually unaware that they’re purchasing imported blooms. 

You may think you’ve picked up a fresh bunch of Australian grown flowers, when in fact they’ve been picked in a far-away country, frozen or refrigerated and sent to our shores by plane. Here, they will be thawed and thrown on to the shelf to sell to unsuspecting customers.

But does this matter? Why should we avoid imported flowers? And why are Australian grown flowers better?

Why Buy Australian Grown Flowers?

Smaller carbon footprint

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With the farm-to-table movement going strong in the food industry, it’s a shame we haven’t yet embraced this is the flower industry. Imported flowers coming from overseas are big business. But they also mean a lot of flights and a huge carbon footprint. 

Instead, embrace the ‘grown not flown’ movement’. When shopping for flower arrangements, take a moment to consider your flower miles just as you do food miles. When you opt for Australian grown flowers you’ll significantly lower their environmental impact. Even better, buy direct from local growers in your community.

Better quality

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We will always prefer flowers that are hand-picked and carried into the florist store for buyers to take home the same day, rather than flowers that have been refrigerated or frozen, thawed again and then sold. 

By choosing Australian grown flowers, you can ensure that they are the freshest possible. So not only will they be better quality when you buy them but they’ll also last longer too.

Support Aussie growers

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Farmers are the backbone of Australia and some of the hardest working people in the country. Australian farmers already have it tough. Throw in some natural disasters and a global pandemic, and times have been incredibly hard over the last few years. 

COVID19 had a significant impact on the flower industry too. Major events were cancelled and businesses were shut down indefinitely, causing demand to drop off seemingly overnight. Growers have also had a hard time in recent years with bushfires, floods and droughts affecting crops. 

You can support your local farmers by sourcing and purchasing flowers grown in your own local area.

Biosecurity concerns

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Many biosecurity concerns have been raised about pests or diseases being accidentally introduced into Australia via imported flowers. While Australia has been importing flowers for more than 50 years, some say that the increasing volumes of imports also increase our risk.

Buying Australian grown flowers decreases the risk that there could be any introduced pests or diseases and protects our own beautiful native environment.

Fewer chemicals

One of the reasons why Australia has been so well protected from flowers containing pests and diseases so far, are the treatment measures taken before imported flowers are allowed into the country. Of course, this introduces another issue altogether – that is, chemicals on your beautiful bunch of flowers. 

It is unlikely you would want to be touching and smelling your blooms as much if you knew how heavily fumigated they were. Australian grown flowers on the other hand, do not need these extra measures and when grown by sustainably focused growers will carry far fewer chemicals. 

If you opt for flowers from somewhere like The Flower Farm, you can rest easy knowing that we have adopted sustainable and eco-friendly growing practices.

Want to buy Australian grown flowers?

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Choosing Australian grown flowers if better for the environment, the economy, your community and your health. Choose The Flower Farm for hand-picked Australian grown blooms that will not only look better but also last longer. And when you purchase from the Flower Farm, you’ll know you’re supporting a company that has the best interests of the flowers, their customers and the world in mind. 

Head online to shop by occasion, choose a bunch or arrangement, or browse our range of gifts. Have a question? Phone (07) 3207 2129 or get in touch.