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What flowers to use in an Australian Christmas flower arrangement?

Christmas in Australia gives you an incredible opportunity to do something truly unique when it comes to Christmas flower arrangements. You don’t need to be hemmed in by traditional pine wreaths or poinsettias (though you can choose this style too!). Because a summer Christmas means a wealth of beautiful, lush summer flowers that can bring a distinctive beauty to your Christmas decorations.

Christmas flower arrangements

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When it comes to Christmas flower arrangements, it’s always a good idea to choose robust blooms that won’t wilt as the temperatures rise. Australian natives are a long-lasting and beautiful choice for your seasonal festive florals. And they complement a few perennial favourites too. 

In terms of your theme you can draw inspiration from a classic summer Christmas, your own home styling or a festive colour theme. There’s a flower for every Christmas. 

Flowers for a classic Christmas

If you’re a Christmas traditionalist, or perhaps originally from the northern hemisphere, you may like your Christmas decorations to be a little more ‘classic’. Here are some of our favourite ‘classic’ Australian flowers for Christmas flower arrangements. 

close up of red flowers of the poinsettia for christmas flower arrangements against a blurred house background

  • Christmas Bush. You can’t get much more seasonal than decorating your home with Christmas Bush. And better yet, it incorporates the colours of a classic Christmas. Its lovely green foliage complements red, star-shaped flowers. Choose Christmas Bush as your floral star of the show or use it as in a supporting role to complement bolder blooms.
  • Banksia. Distinctive, sculptural banksias adorn many an Australia-themed Christmas card. Blooming in red, orange, yellow and green, they are a wonderful, long-lasting choice for classic Christmas arrangements. Banksia is also the Australian native birth month flower for December, making it a particularly meaningful choice!  
  • Eucalyptus foliage. The different species of eucalyptus are a popular choice in floristry at any time of year. But it is also the perfect green for a classic Christmas aesthetic. And because each has a distinctively shaped leaf and texture, it can also add a uniqueness to your Christmas flower arrangements.
  • Christmas orchid. Like Christmas Bush, we think Christmas orchids are hard to go past, for obvious reasons! Their delicate white flowers contrast beautifully with dark green leaves. They make lovely, thoughtful gifts at Christmastime too. 

Our flower suggestions: Bright seasonal arrangement and White seasonal bunch

Flowers that embrace your home styling

large lush bouquet of pink, peach and blush blooms in a wide vase against a dark black background

If you’d like your Christmas decorations to serve as an extension of your home décor, The Flower Farm can help! From calm, neutral tones to maximalist, layered colours, there’s a flower style to effortlessly complement your home. 

  • Minimalist. If you like to keep things minimal but still festive in your Christmas flower arrangements, we recommend sticking with one colour or one type of flower and using vases to really showcase the bloom itself. Roses, particularly white roses, are both festive and streamlined.
  • Traditionalist. If you have a more traditional style of home, an old Queenslander or a wooden cottage, a large bunch of lush blooms will fit in very well. Think roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and carnations arranged in a large vase. Pastels will also work very well!
  • Contemporary. If you have a contemporary home your Christmas flower arrangement should be more modern. Think an open, single colour or themed arrangement with a sculptural design. We love incorporating natives in this style.
  • Coastal. In the coastal home, your Christmas arrangements can focus on whites, greens and blues. But since it’s the holiday, we suggest dropping in some rich reds to bring a pop of Christmas cheer while still staying in touch with your style. 

Our suggestions: Pastel bunch and Gerbera arrangement

Flowers that highlight your own festive theme

multiple vases of many colours with lots of different themes of christmas flower arrangements in them in the Flower Farm shop

If you’re a person who likes to go ‘all in’ at Christmastime, you may also be a person who loves a Christmas theme. Your flowers can certainly support that theme! 

  • Silver and gold theme. Metallics are a perennial favourite colour to decorate with at Christmas time. Gold pairs well with white and pale pink flowers, while silver marries up with the brighter hues very well. 
  • Rose gold theme. Rose gold has had a huge surge in popularity over the last few years. And it looks beautiful with blue and purple, particularly in the purple shades. 
  • Black and white theme. If you have a black and white colour theme, you can use pretty much any colour blooms you want in your Christmas flower arrangements. But stick to one or two colours so your theme can sing!
  • Orange and pink theme. Orange and pink flowers (we especially love gerberas here!) have traditional meanings associated with love, gratitude, grace and happiness. They also look amazing as decorations for our unique summertime Christmas.
  • Red and green theme. You can’t go wrong with the traditional Christmas colours. Plus, with the traditional associations of red roses with love and Valentines’ Day, it’s a lovely way to add a touch of romance to your Christmas arrangements. 

Our flower suggestions: Mixed carnation bunch and Gerbera mix bunch

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Whether a classic Christmas, flowers to suit your home décor, or going all out for a colour-themed Christmas, The Flower Farm can help. We are your go-to Christmas flower arrangements florist and would love to help make your festive season bloom beautifully. 

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