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Festive Christmas Flowers for Your Holiday Table

Ah yes, ‘tis the season for sentimental Christmas carols, generous gift giving and big Christmas Day feasts. And while most of us enjoy the festivities and joviality that this time of year brings, hosting family and friends on Christmas Day can also be a little bit anxiety-inducing. Particularly when you start thinking about menu options, décor themes and place settings!

At The Flower Farm our team are here to help take the strain out of at least one of your Christmas Day tasks – your holiday table décor. The style and theme of your holiday table can help set the mood for your celebrations. Think cocktail glasses and fresh frangipanis for a fun ‘Friendmas’ celebration. Or a classic Christmas flower centrepiece featuring Christmas bush or Christmas lily for a more traditional family gathering.

Whatever your style of celebration, Christmas flowers will help to add some colour and life to your seasonal décor. Read on as we share our best tips for choosing the perfect fresh blooms for your holiday table.

Festive Christmas Flowers for Your Holiday Table

image of white and red Christmas flowers on top of greenery

Tip 1: Choose a theme and work within it

First things first: choose the overarching theme for your holiday décor. Maybe you live on the coast and want to embrace a beachy, tropical theme this year? Or perhaps you’re hosting extended family who are committed to a more traditional approach? A quick online search will offer up many contemporary Christmas themes, from the Aussie bush to a luxe snow-and-sparkle style.

Your chosen theme will point you in the right decoration for Christmas flowers. For example, an Australian bush theme could feature natives. We envision gorgeous sprays of eucalyptus and gum leaves studded with proteas or kangaroo paws. 

A coastal Christmas theme, on the other hand, could incorporate white seasonal blooms like carnations and dahlias amongst vivid evergreens. A traditional table setting could be punctuated by clusters of classic Christmas holly, which is symbolic for Christians and represents eternal life.

Tip 2: Incorporate your colour palette

image of Christmas flower bouquet of yellow, green and white with metallic gold ribbon

Choosing your colour palette is another important decision when it comes to styling your Christmas décor, and particularly your Christmas flowers. Over the years, Christmas colours have become increasingly daring. Traditional red, green and white will likely always be a favourite. But popular Christmas colour palettes now extend to metallics, pastels, ice blue with silver and Scandinavian-inspired timber with gold. 

The Flower Farm stocks a stunning array of coloured blooms to suit your chosen colour palette. Just take a peek at our vibrant dahlias for pretty pops of pink, red and orange.

Tip 3: Make your Christmas flowers personal

image of christmas flower bouquet of red roses and red berries on a white background

Your chosen Christmas flowers could incorporate a particular bloom that is sentimental or significant to you and your family. A favourite flower of a loved one who has passed for example, is a beautifully subtle way to honour them at your Christmas table.

You could also choose to include flowers that complement your personal style. After all, they will still be featured in your home after your last Christmas guest has left.

Tip 4: Opt for seasonal blooms

christmas flowers poinsiettas with small white flowers and hot pink flowers on greenery

Choosing local, seasonal flowers will mean you can enjoy the freshest flowers on your holiday table. That means they will not only look their best on Christmas Day, but also last longer than imported flowers. 

We are spoiled for choice for Christmas flowers in Brisbane. Take your pick from dahlias, campanulasbaby’s breath and the Christmas lily. Browse our stunning seasonal bunches and seasonal arrangements today.

Tip 5: Think about placement

The flowers you choose may also be dictated by how you decide to display them. Your centrepiece might be an overflowing vase or basket placed in the middle of a round table for instance. It could be a long, winding centrepiece running down the centre of your dining table. Or perhaps you would like to keep it simple with smaller sprigs attached to name tags on each plate. 

Long centrepieces featuring Christmas flowers with greenery and branches look fantastic interwoven with smaller festive ornaments like tealight candles, fairy lights or baubles.

Tip 6: Strive for quality

image of a group of floral bouquets with varied colour schemes all for christmas flowers

When choosing your Christmas flowers, make sure you only source from the most reputable suppliers. Here at The Flower Farm, you can rest easy knowing that we hand-pick our flowers fresh each day to ensure that you will have the most vibrant blooms on your holiday table. 

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Our team of experts can also create a picture-perfect arrangement to suit your décor, theme and colour palette. Get in touch to talk through your ideas or head online to order your Christmas flowers today.