The 5 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Flowers

The 5 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Flowers

Sending Valentine’s Day flowers to the ones you love has been a tradition since the 17th Century! Roses are said to be the favourite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, so they’ve long been the preferred flower of romance. But in recent times, we’ve all given much more thought to where things come from, and the demand for locally-grown, fresh flowers of all varieties has increased. Today’s bouquet givers are rightly demanding both romance and sustainability in their Valentine’s Day flowers.

bouquet of pink roses for Valentine's Day

We think the single most romantic gesture you can make with flowers is to learn your loved one’s favourite bloom. Then it’s up to you to love it up for Valentine’s Day – whether you go for a bright,  blooming bunch, a single long-stemmed bud or add chocolates or another meaningful gift – the choices are endless.

Of course, it’s not always easy to know just what to do, what someone’s favourite flower is or just how to be romantic but not awkward. So, if you’re feeling stuck for ideas, we’ve got the five most romantic Valentine’s Day flowers for gifting this year.

The 5 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Flowers

1. Roses

Long-stemmed red roses are the iconic, traditional flower of choice to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day. You can’t go wrong with roses, to send your love and affection to someone.

Red roses traditionally represent true, everlasting love and romance. The popularity of red roses is universal, starting with a single, long-stemmed rose all the way up to a gorgeous bouquet of 24.  

Pink roses are the perfect way to send your appreciation and admiration of a new love or to represent familial love. Light blush pink roses suggest gentleness and grace, while more intense pinks suggest love.

Yellow roses symbolise happiness and friendship. They’re the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers to brighten the day of a dear friend or relative.

2. Dahlias

Dahlias for Valentines Day in a range of white, peaches and pinks

We absolutely adore dahlias. Dahlias are beautiful, delicate flowers that look particularly gorgeous in a bouquet. They are multi-layered and textural and come in an array of colours, shapes, and sizes. They’re also a lovely way to send a message of love to someone who might not be as traditional in personality and who truly appreciates fresh, beautifully-formed blooms. Because dahlias are available in a range of pinks from peach to magenta, through to red and orange tones, they’re perfect for nearly anyone.

3. Lisianthus

Beautiful Valentines Day flowers bouquet

Lisianthus are soft and romantic and often confused with roses or peonies. Historically, lisianthus symbolise charisma and appreciation and are very popular in bridal bouquets. And there look makes them perfectly suited for the more ‘romantic’ or boho-chic person in your life.

Lisianthus also come in a wide spectrum of colours. To represent love this Valentine’s Day, there are gorgeous hues from delicate lavender to deep purple, and every colour of pink. 

4. Stargazer lilies

Red lilies and other Valentines Day flowers

Stargazer lilies have a triple romantic impact. Their extravagant flower, lovely fragrance and gorgeous colours are the perfect way to send a long-lasting statement of your love. As well as a bold, elegant statement of love, lilies traditionally honour ambition. If your loved one has recently been promoted or achieved a goal they’ve worked hard for, sending lilies for your Valentine’s Day flowers is a thoughtful way to honour this.

5. Anthuriums

Valentines Day flowers - Anthuriums

Anthuriums make a bold, expressive statement of love! They have large, heart-shaped flowers and deep green heart-shaped leaves. Anthuriums are a particularly long-lasting flower, so a bouquet sent for Valentine’s Day can be a reminder of your love for a couple of weeks afterwards, even longer! It’s also a great way to capture long-lasting love – so the perfect gift from one spouse to another.

Caring for your fresh-cut flowers

With any flower arrangement you send or receive, it’s important to know how to best care for them. Read our tips on how to do just that!

Which Valentine’s Day flowers will you choose?

Whether your floral message expresses passion, gentleness, extravagance or boldness, The Flower Farm has the perfect fresh cut flowers for you this Valentine’s Day. And because the majority of our blooms are grown right here on our farm, you can be confident that your gift is also sustainable, great for the environment and even good for the local economy!  

Make the 14th of February memorable for all the right reasons. Get in touch to plan and choose your perfect floral way to say, ‘I love you’.