black and white photo of bunches of flowers wrapped in paper with a mother's day sign amongst them

Traditional Australian Mother's Day Flowers

Here in Australia the weather is finally changing. Unlike the northern hemisphere, we’re turning from the heat of summer to the freshness of autumn. And the cooler autumn days of April put our farmer florists into ‘Mothers’ Day mode’. 

Also because our weather is different, traditional mother’s day flowers in Australia are different. We love to focus on flowers that are abundant in our cooler April and May, as they make the freshest and most beautiful bouquets. So today we’re sharing traditional Mothers’ Day Australia flowers.

Traditional Australian Mothers’ Day Flowers

We’re extremely lucky here in Brisbane and the Redlands area because we have a beautifully long growing season. And that means we have loads of flowers to choose from for our mums on Mother’s Day.

However, the flowers that traditionally bloom most abundantly around Mothers’ Day in Australia are chrysanthemums, carnations, camellias, gerberas and sunflowers – as well as glorious natives, of course. 


close up image of bunch of pink chyrsanthemums and hot pink gerberas for mothers day australia flower


We think the popularity of chrysanthemum bouquets for Mothers’ Day is due to the ‘mum’ in their name! We find that everyone loves to give ‘mums’ to their mum for Mothers’ Day, and they’re a perennial Mothers’ Day favourite

And why not? Chrysanthemums symbolise longevity, happiness and optimism. They also bloom abundantly in Brisbane in May, making them perfect for Mothers’ Day Australia flowers. Get in touch with us for a bespoke chrysanthemum bouquet. Or choose one of our Seasonal Bunches, to ensure a mix of fresh seasonal blooms with your ‘mums. 


close up of bunch of carnations in hot pink, peach, pink and purple for mothers day australia flower

Ah, carnations! Often overlooked by other florists, carnations are our Flower Farm signature bloom. We’ve grown and loved carnations for over 40 years here in our Birkdale fields, and we cut them daily for fresh Mothers’ Day Australia flowers. 

Carnations are a perennial, fringed flower that bloom in a wide variety of colours. They have a long vase life and a long association with Mothers’ Day, dating back to 1908. White carnations traditionally honour mothers who have passed, and red and pink carnations traditionally honour living mothers. 

In our view, carnations in all colours are a lovely way to celebrate the mother or mother figure in your life. Our Carnation Mix Bunch is a firm favourite for Mothers’ Day. 


close up of bunches of pink camellias for Australian mothers day flowers

Camellias have been cultivated in Australia since the early days of European settlement. They flower through autumn and winter, making them the perfect bloom for Mothers’ Day Australia flowers. As well as their gorgeous petals, camellias have wonderful dark green, glossy leaves which are showcased in beautiful camellia bouquets. Camellias bloom mainly in white and shades of red and pink. 


close up image of gerberas in pink, hot pink, orange, pastel pink, yellow and red for mothers day australia flower

At the Flower Farm, we ensure our fields are blooming abundantly with gerberas for Mothers’ Day in Australia. Gerberas are a Mothers’ Day favourite, we think for their association with happiness and range of gorgeous, vibrant colours. 

Our glorious Seasonal Gerbera Arrangement is always a popular Mothers’ Day choice. 


close up of a bunch of bright yellow sunflowers for australian mother's day flowers

Sunflowers make a glorious choice for Mothers’ Day flowers. They symbolise loyalty and adoration, and yellow is associated with happiness, hope and spontaneity. A gift of sunflower seeds would be a lovely choice for a Mum who enjoys gardening. We love the idea of combining a greeting card with a packet of sunflower seeds. That means your gift will grow and bloom as an enduring Mothers’ Day memento. 


bouquet of natives in yellow, red, pink, maroon, orange against a white background for mothers day australia flower

Any talk of Mothers’ Day Australia flowers wouldn’t be complete without glorious natives. From banksias blooming in green, yellow, orange and red to the iconic yellow Golden Penda, native flowers are distinctive, abundant in autumn and have a very long vase life. These are perfect for the mum who appreciates the outdoors and the beautiful scenery that is distinctively Aussie!

Remember to order early for Mothers’ Day Australia flowers 

Remember that the week leading into Mothers’ Day is our busiest of the year. We don’t want any of our lovely Redlands and Brisbane Mums and mother figures to be without beautiful blooms for Mothers’ Day. To ensure timely delivery of your Mothers’ Day flowers and gifts, please order early online or by telephone 07 3207 2129

Our Mothers’ Day busy-ness means we need 24 hours’ notice for flower delivery, and can’t offer same-day delivery Our Birkdale farm shop at 72 Birkdale Rd, Birkdale QLD 4159 is open for extended hours on Mothers’ Day, from 7am until 4pm. We’d love to see you in store for your Mothers’ Day Australia flowers.

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We’re here to help you give the gift of locally grown, fresh Mothers’ Day flowers this year. We’ll be creating fresh, gorgeous bouquets and arrangements right up until Mothers’ Day. Order online or call us on 07 3207 2129 to discuss your beautiful blooms for your Mum or special mother figure.