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How to Get a Perfectly Timed Flower Delivery in Brisbane

At The Flower Farm, we create beautiful floral designs using fresh seasonal flowers, which we predominantly grow on-site. But it’s one thing to have the flowers on hand – we still need to ensure they get to you at just the right time! 

Luckily our flower delivery Brisbane and Redlands services are up to the task. We deliver our bouquets and arrangements across the Redlands and parts of Brisbane and can even offer same-day flower delivery. 

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Better yet, you can be sure that our bouquets will get to you beautifully fresh and stunningly arranged. Our small team of floral experts are renowned for their love, care and attention, from growing to arranging to delivery. 

But of course, you’ll still need to make sure that you’re ordering for a timely delivery from your end as well – whether you’re delivering to a new mum in hospital or your own mum at your childhood home. So, here are our top tips to make sure your flower delivery Brisbane arrives perfectly timed. 

Ensuring a Perfectly Timed Flower Delivery Brisbane

We’ve grown, arranged, and delivered flowers in the Redlands and Brisbane since 1981. Our priority is the happiness of our customers and their floral recipients. Here are some ways we can work together to ensure you have perfectly timed flower delivery in Brisbane every time.

Provide correct delivery details

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As the sender of a gorgeous bouquet or arrangement we ask that you please ensure your order has the recipient’s correct delivery address and telephone contact details. We can’t guarantee delivery if delivery details are incorrect. (And we hate to disappoint you or your intended recipient!) This includes details such as the pin code to access gated premises or secured buildings. 

Make sure the delivery address is not a Locked Bag or PO Box

Unfortunately we can’t deliver our beautiful flowers to PO Boxes or Locked Bag addresses. If this is the address you have, get in touch with the recipient and see if you can get a street address instead. 

Ensure your recipient is in The Flower Farm delivery zones

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The Flower Farm is based in the beautiful Redlands district, in the Brisbane metropolitan area. We deliver to residential homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, nursing homes / residential care villages and funeral homes within our delivery zone

Before ordering, make sure to double check our delivery zones to ensure a timely and successful delivery. Of course, if you’re not sure whether your recipient is in our delivery zone, just get in touch!

Order early for same day delivery

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We offer same-day delivery Monday to Saturday. If it’s possible, we can also sometimes honour a request for same-day delivery on Sunday. But you do need to order early!

Monday – Saturday

At The Flower Farm we offer same day delivery (for addresses within our delivery zone) for orders received by 11am Monday to Friday (in the Queensland time zone, AEST). We always try to deliver orders received after 11am on the same day if we possibly can. 

The week leading to Mothers’ Day is one of our busiest of the year. We require 24 hours’ notice (and are unable to offer same-day delivery during this week), due to the volume of orders. Thank you for your understanding.


Call us to arrange local delivery on a Sunday, so we can talk through whether delivery is possible and what bouquet and arrangements will be available in shop on the day. Our farm shop is open 9am – 1pm on Sundays to pick up orders. Or to come in and choose from our beautiful in shop display. 

Public holidays

Unfortunately we aren’t able to make deliveries on public holidays. But don’t despair! Deliveries requested for a public holiday will be delivered the following business day. So, if you need a bouquet for a public holiday, ensure you order in advance so we can deliver it a day early.

What Time Will My Flowers Be Delivered?

Here are the details of our regular flower delivery Brisbane schedule:

  • Residential homes: within our delivery zone, Monday to Saturday between 12pm and 6pm.

  • Businesses: within our delivery zone, Monday to Friday between 12pm and 5pm.

  • Schools: within our delivery zone, Monday to Friday between 11am and 3pm.

  • Hospitals: Redlands Mater Private, Redlands Public and Belmont Private Hospital, Monday to Friday between 12pm and 4pm.

  • Nursing homes and residential villages: within our delivery zone, Monday to Saturday between 12pm and 5pm. We also donate our excess flowers seasonally to the lifestyle programs at our local aged care homes.

What If We Can’t Get Access for a Delivery?

If we’re unable to access your recipient’s delivery address, we will bring the floral order back to our shop. We’ll give you a call and arrange for you or the recipient to come to our Birkdale shop to collect the flowers. Or we can arrange for a new delivery time. We understand the ‘surprise element’ with our floral orders, so will only contact the recipient if necessary. 

Special occasions

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When you have a special occasion it’s especially important that your flowers are delivered correctly and on time. We will work with you to ensure perfectly timed flower delivery Brisbane for occasions where time is of the essence. This includes weddings, birthdays, graduations and funerals

If delivery must be made to a funeral home before 12pm, please call us so we can ensure timed delivery (and note that additional fee is charged for timed delivery). 

We’re here to help!

No matter where and how your flowers need to be delivered, we’re here to help. Our experts are on hand to ensure your perfectly timed flower delivery Brisbane, Brisbane surrounds and Redlands!

Call us to discuss all your flower delivery Brisbane needs. We’d love to talk through your floral ideas and ensure timely delivery of your beautiful bouquet or arrangement.