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When to Send Flowers, Brisbane Edition

It’s no surprise that at The Flower Farm, we think any day is the perfect occasion to send flowers in Brisbane. In our work we’re surrounded daily by beautiful, freshly grown and cut flowers and love seeing the joy and appreciation they bring.

But if you do need an occasion to send flowers, here are a few of the perfect times to send flowers in Brisbane, and the perfect flowers to send. 

When to Send Flowers, Brisbane Edition

Valentine’s Day

Image of red roses for when to send flowers Brisbane for valentines day

At The Flower Farm, we think the most romantic gesture you can make is to learn your loved one’s favourite bloom and send a big bouquet on Valentine’s Day. There’s a reason that flowers are such a popular choice on this love-focused holiday, and you really can’t go wrong with roses or a big grouping of natives if that’s your loved one’s preference. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know their favourite flower – or if it doesn’t bloom in Brisbane in the late summer – we’ve got your covered for the five most romantic Valentine’s Day flowers:

  • Rose
  • Dahlia
  • Lisianthus
  • Stargazer lily
  • Anthurium


Image of light pink blooms with easter eggs

In the northern hemisphere, Easter is associated with the Easter lily. However this beautiful flower blooms in Australia in early summer. Which is why we call it the November or Christmas lily and often see it on our holiday tables. 

So what flowers are best to send at Easter in the Brisbane autumn? Well, eucharis, snapdragons and jonquils are all beautiful choices for your Easter vase or as a floral gift. These dazzling flowers give off a sweet perfume, and they are a lovely way to say, ‘thinking of you at Easter’. 


Image of a ANZAC hat with Anzac biccies and red poppies for when to send flowers for Anzac Day

ANZAC Day is a day of remembrance and gratitude, to honour our fallen, past and currently serving men and women. If you are attending a remembrance march, dinner or event, a floral tribute is the perfect way to show your gratitude in recognition of their service. 

Traditional wreaths of poppies are always an excellent choice. But of course, other blooms to express your gratitude include roses, gerberas or a gorgeous seasonal bouquet.

Mothers’ Day

In Australia, chrysanthemums are the most popular flowers to send on Mothers’ Day. Perhaps this is because ‘mum’ is in their name. They’re also abundantly blooming in May in Brisbane and are symbolically associated with friendship and family support. 

Send flowers and your love this Mothers’ Day with one of our beautiful bouquets or gifts.

The Queen’s Birthday

The Queen’s Birthday is in April, but in Brisbane we celebrate it in June. Her favourite flower is said to be lily of the valley. 

This herbaceous perennial has dainty, bell-shaped flower heads and is native to Europe. It flowers during the northern spring – so is in bloom for the Queens’s birthday. For the Brisbane royalist in your life, why not send a bouquet of snapdragons or zinnias, or choose one of our birthday bouquets


Image of multicoloured blooms in a white basket on a brown wood floor

The EKKA in August is making its return this year! Whether your loved one is heading to the RNA or not, why not send a celebratory Just Because bouquet! – let’s make blooms just as much a part of the EKKA as iconic strawberry sundaes!  

Fathers’ Day

Fathers’ Day in Brisbane is in springtime. And sending Brisbane flowers isn’t just for mum. At The Flower Farm, we think all Dads and father figures would love a colourful bouquet of bright seasonal spring flowers.


Image of red poinsettias for when to send flowers brisbane at Christmas

We are spoiled for choice for Christmas flowers in Brisbane. From vibrant purple campanulas to baby’s breath to lilies, we have the blooms to suit yours and your loved ones’ Christmas décor. And our curated range of Australian-made gifts are the perfect addition to send with your flowers. 

Every Day is a Good Day for Flowers

As you can see, at The Flower Farm, every day is the perfect day to send Brisbane flowers to your loved ones.

As the Redlands fresh flowers experts, we have beautiful fresh-cut flowers and gifts for every occasion, and just because! Get farm to table flowers delivered to your door today. Or stop in and see us at our Birkdale shop. We’d love to help you find just what you need.