close up of brightly hued gerberas and chrysanthemums in yellows and oranges for fall flower farm preview

Fall Flower Farm Preview

Autumn, or fall, is a beautiful time for blooms in Brisbane. And one of our favourite seasons down here at the Flower Farm. 

And while it’s often thought to be a time when gardens are winding down, here in Southeast Queensland, we still have a lot of fresh flowers growing in our fields. So we thought we’d do a fall Flower Farm preview to showcase our favourite fresh-cut farm to vase flowers that are readily available at this time of year. 

Fall Flower Farm Preview

We’re spoiled for choice in Southeast Queensland! We have perennials that bloom year-round and others that shine right around the transitional fall months of April and May and even into June. (Even though June is technically winter.) 

Flower Farm suggestion: Pastel Seasonal Bunch


close up of a bunch of purple chrysanthemums with a few lavender mums in the mix

Here at The Flower Farm, chrysanthemums are a sentimental favourite, being our first crop grown onsite. Besides being a fantastic autumn growing flower, Chrysanthemums also symbolise friendship, optimism, trust and joy. And they bloom in a range of delicate colours making them a lovely choice for so many occasions. 

We love sowing, growing, cutting, arranging and delivering chrysanthemums in autumn – and any time of year. 

Flower Farm suggestion: Posy Arrangement


As our signature flower, we like to think that The Flower Farm is the home of carnations in Brisbane! Particularly in in the fall, when you see their bright heads popping all up and down the Flower Farm rows.

Carnations have long stepped out of their supporting role in bouquets and arrangements and are a floral shining star in their own right. Carnations are traditionally associated with love, captivation and beauty, with different colours having different meanings. 

Red carnations symbolise deep love and affection, making them a lovely choice for romance. Pink carnations are often chosen to express gratitude or say thank you. And white carnations are said to symbolise pure love.

We love seeing carnations growing in our Flower Farm fields, and after 40 years, we’re very experienced at sowing, growing, cutting and arranging beautiful carnations no matter the season!  

Flower Farm suggestion: Pink Seasonal Bunch


close up of a white daisy and pink gerbera daisy from the flower farm

Gerberas are like a smile in a vase. They are cheery, vibrant and have a long vase-life. And because they grow well in cold weather (as long as they don’t freeze) are great for our Southeast Queensland autumn.

We’re currently experiencing a shortage of gerberas in Southeast Queensland. So get in touch with us if you’d like a bespoke gerbera bunch from our fresh flower farm fields. 

Flower Farm suggestion: Gerbera Arrangement


flower farm field of pink and white snapdragons with lots of green leaves

Snapdragons symbolise happiness and positivity and are a gorgeous combination of bold and delicate. They flower in a range of colours and make a striking, structural statement on their own or in a mixed bunch. Snapdragons draw the eye and can be a lovely way to say ‘good luck’ or wish someone well. 

Even better, they have a long flowering period, and are often available from October through June.

Flower Farm suggestion: Get in touch for a bespoke bunch

Shop online or in store

If you’re looking for a beautiful autumnal bouquet, remember we have same day flower delivery for orders received before 11.00am. And our Flower Farm shop located at 72 Birkdale Road, Birkdale is open every day. It’s filled with gorgeous seasonal bunches and arrangements, arranged by our talented farmer florists. 

Get in touch with us at The Flower Farm (07 3207 2129) to style your home or deliver a seasonal bunch with beautiful autumn flowers. We have gorgeous fresh-cut flowers from our fields, ready to bring a smile.