image of flower farm family and friends in the field of flowers each holding a beautifully coloured locally grown flower

It’s far better to buy locally grown flowers – here’s why

We recently saw a story on A Current Affair that reminded us why it’s far better to buy locally grown flowers than blooms from an international florist you don’t know or trust. 

Bloomex is a Canadian company that operates in Australia and the United States though they describe themselves as ‘Australia’s national florist’. However, rather than providing excellent service to Australians, they have been accused by unhappy customers of misleading and deceptive conduct.

Essentially customers are unhappy that the bouquets Bloomex delivers don’t meet the criteria promised. Bloomex has also been accused of accepting payment for orders it cannot or does not fulfil. 

Bloomex have been reported to also use Australia Post to deliver flowers regionally. However, they should be using a specialist delivery service who understands how to deliver flowers to keep them at their best. This has resulted in many customers devastated at the poor quality of blooms delivered, which often did not reflect what the customer ordered, if they arrived at all.

The Bloomex story is a cautionary tale against using a multinational florist that does not put its customers first, nor deeply care about the blooms it delivers. Of course not all large international (or even national) florists will be bad actors like Bloomex. But there are still some very real reasons why it’s far better to buy locally grown flowers.

Why It’s Better to Buy Locally Grown Flowers

rows of locally grown flowers with white, yellow and pink rows of flowers

Locally grown flowers are guaranteed to be fresh

We’ve learned many things from our over 40 years in the business of growing and selling flowers. And one thing our customers have taught us is that once they’ve experienced farm-fresh flowers, they’ll never willingly go back to cheap supermarket bouquets. And they certainly don’t want to buy from a website they don’t know or trust. 

image of the flower farm fields and shades protecting locally grown flowerswith a grass verge with a dog

At The Flower Farm, we pick our flowers daily. Your bouquets and arrangements are filled with the freshest flowers. They’re grown with devotion and expert care and arranged by the very best Brisbane florists. 

Picking fresh each day helps to keep our flower farming sustainable – and saves flower wastage. Our ‘grown not flown’ flowers mean you are buying guaranteed-fresh flowers, not cheap (or over-priced!), imported flowers that may have been frozen, thawed and already spent time sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Locally grown flowers are longer lasting

image of closed locally grown flowers in the flower farm field to demonstrate the freshness of local blooms

When you purchase flowers for yourself or to send to a loved one, you want to ensure they will look their vibrant best, for as long as possible. Knowing how to care for fresh cut flowers is one thing. But underlying that, is that locally grown flowers will be at their freshest and best for the longest period of time. 

Buying your blooms from a local flower farmer florist, is the best way to ensure a long, beautiful vase life. 

Locally grown flowers delivered safely and on time

Our top priority at The Flower Farm is that our customers are happy with the beautiful blooms they purchase for themselves or to send to a loved one. We want our fresh-cut flowers to bring a smile to their recipient’s face the minute they safely arrive, and for many days afterwards. We take great care in the delivery of our bouquets and arrangements, to ensure our blooms arrive safely and on time

Our website details our delivery zones and times in the Redlands and Brisbane area. Whether your blooms are delivered to a private home, business, school, hospital, aged care facility, church or funeral service, rest assured that specialist delivery from The Flower Farm, will see your blooms arrive at their freshest and best. 

Locally grown flowers are seasonal 

image of flower farm worker gathering purple seasonal flowers from the farm fields in front of a vintage red delivery truck

At The Flower Farm, we update the flowers in our fields seasonally. This means you get the healthiest and freshest flowers, grown in season. Like all ‘best fresh produce’, our blooms are hand-picked when they are at their peak. Your arrangements and bunches will reflect the beauty of the current season – and stay fresh-cut for longer. 

Growing seasonal flowers means our flower farm is sustainable, with our blooms grown in Australian soil and will thrive in our local conditions. 

Put Your Trust In Us!

image of two of our female team members in the flower farm shop holding a large bouquet of locally grown flowers

For flowers for your big day, special event or simply to bring a smile, please put your trust only in locally grown flowers, arranged with devotion and expert care. When buying from your local flower farm florist, you know our blooms are seasonal and are fresh-picked at their beautiful fest. 

At The Flower Farm, our focus is on ‘field to vase’ locally grown, seasonal flowers. We grow, pick and sell flowers from our fields. And it’s our top priority that our customers are happy with our beautiful, fresh blooms. 

Get in touch with us today – or pop in to our Birkdale shop – we would love to create a bunch or arrangement especially for you, for any occasion.