image of a blue background with small gift bags, white paper, polka dot paper and ribbons for flowers and gifts for baby boy

Best Flowers for a Baby Boy

The birth of a new baby is a hugely exciting and joyful time. And congratulating the proud parents with fresh-cut beautiful flowers is a wonderful way to celebrate new life. 

We’re often asked for ideas and suggestions on the best flowers for a baby boy. Of course we’re always happy to give our advice. So today we’re talking through the best gifts and flowers for baby boy. And some tips to make sure your flower delivery to the new parents either at the hospital or home goes smoothly. 

Best Flowers for a Baby Boy

Choose Your Colours

close up of yellow sunflowers and blue hydrangeas for flowers for baby boy

When it comes to choosing flowers for a baby boy, the traditional favourites are blue, white and yellow. This brings to mind irises, carnations, sunflowers and gerberas, and they’re all lovely choices to send either to hospital or home. 

However, the modern approach embraces all the colours of the rainbow. In particular we love to see multicoloured arrangements in brights or pastels that incorporate layers of colours and textures. These are bright and fun and very celebratory. Perfect for a baby (regardless of gender!). 

We suggest: Bright Seasonal Arrangement. Our signature bright arrangement has the best and most vibrant of our seasonal fresh-cut flowers. Each arrangement is unique to the purchasing customer and recipient. 

Choose Your Style

bright arrangement of yellow, pink flowers for baby boy with greenery in orange box on a wood table

When it comes to the style of flowers for baby boy, we generally suggest arrangements. In fact, arrangements are popular for all new babies because when they’re sent to the hospital they don’t require a vase. They’re easy to choose as well, as they’re already organised and ready to go.

We suggest: Baby Boy Arrangement. Our baby boy arrangement is a bright and colourful arrangement with hues of yellow, blue and cream or white. 

Choose Your Blooms

pink, yellow and orange bright gerberas in an arrangment for a new baby with greenery and in a pink box on a wood table

If you haven’t already chosen your specific flowers by colour or arrangement, why not consider birth month flowers? Flowers for a baby boy based around the special bloom of their month is both memorable and thoughtful. 

We suggest: Gerbera Arrangement. A bright, gorgeous gerbera daisy box will be picked on the day and bloom with vibrant intensity. Perfect for the month of April, which has the daisy and the sweet pea as the traditional bloom. 

Best Flowers for New Mums

bright yellow floral arrangment of sunflowers, gerberas and others in a blue box on a wooden table

If you’d like to send something to congratulate a new mum of a baby boy, something joyful and colourful is a beautiful choice. Perhaps she has a favourite flower or colour or scent.

Sending seasonal flowers is thoughtful, as she’ll always associate those beautiful blooms with the birth of her son. Each year, they’ll seasonally flower as his birthday approaches and is celebrated.

A few suggestions: 

  • Seasonal bunches – high quality fresh-cut blooms to ensure freshness and longevity. 
  • White Seasonal Bunch – our white seasonal bunch is picked on the day you order and is a sophisticated, classic choice.
  • Bright Seasonal Bunch – overflowing with vibrant colour, our bright seasonal bunch will be as unique as the new Mum and bring happiness to her hospital room or home.

A Sweet Gift with Baby Boy Flowers

Adding a thoughtful gift to your baby boy flowers is always appreciated. Our hand-crafted, Australian made gift range at The Flower Farm has been specially curated to send your love with your blooms. A soft toy, something to pamper Mum or a sweet and cheery addition are all thoughtful ways to send something memorable with your beautiful, fresh-cut flowers for baby boy. 

A few suggestions: 

  • Baby Love Gift Box – for baby boys our adorable Baby Love Gift Boxes comes in neutral or blue. They include lovely, Australian-made gifts for Mum and bub - hand cream, organic Tea Tribe tea, New Farm Confectionary chocolate and an Elka Australia plush rattle toy. 
  • Teddy Bear Hugs – a cuddly soft teddy bear is a lovely addition to your flower order, particularly if the baby boy has an older sibling. You can choose a colour and size or leave it to us. 
  • Mini foil balloon – a mini 10cm foil balloon is a sweet and cheery personal touch with your fresh-cut blooms.

Flower Delivery

close up of beautiful blue, white and green blooms and greenery

Flower Delivery to Hospitals 

Delivering fresh-cut, beautiful flowers is very important to us. At The Flower Farm we take care with the special, timely delivery of our flowers. We regularly deliver to the maternity wards of all Brisbane hospitals as well as to the hospitals in our delivery zone, including Redland Hospital and Mater Private Hospital Redland. 

Our regular delivery time to Redland Hospital and Mater Private Hospital Redland are Monday to Friday, between 12.00pm and 4.00pm. If you’d like same day flower delivery, be sure to place your order by 11.00am, online or by telephone 07 3207 2129

Flower Delivery to Home

Sometimes it’s best to wait until Mum and baby boy have returned home again. For Redlands and Brisbane home addresses within our delivery zone, order by 11.00am and we’ll deliver on the same day, Monday to Saturday

We will still try to deliver on the same day for orders received after 11.00am – get in touch with us on telephone 07 3207 2129, if it’s after 11.00am and you’d like same day delivery to home. 

Get in Touch!

Remember that at The Flower Farm we deliver Monday to Friday to maternity wards at all Brisbane hospitals as well as to our Redland Public and Mater Private Hospital Redland. Sending flowers and thoughtful gifts is a wonderful, memorable way to welcome a new baby boy and congratulate his parents. 

Get in touch with us at The Flower Farm. We’d love to help you choose flowers for a baby boy.