Happy Birthday Flowers – 5 Reasons They Make the Perfect Gifts

Happy Birthday Flowers – 5 Reasons They Make the Perfect Gifts


Considering happy birthday flowers? Here’s why they make the perfect gifts!

Societies all throughout history have had a tradition of giving flowers. In fact, flowers have been an important part of culture and religion since the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Roman Empire. And evidence proves that people were already exchanging flowers to show affection for each other by the Middle Ages. 

Of course this tradition spread around the world, and while different societies give different flowers for different reasons, almost all still do so. And one of the times many people give flowers is for birthdays.

But why are happy birthday flowers so popular? What makes them perfect gifts?

Happy Birthday Flowers – 5 Reasons They Make the Perfect Gifts

Reason 1: They are simple and elegant

Flowers given for a birthday are both a simple and an elegant gift. This makes them perfect for almost anyone, but particularly for those people that seem to have everything already. 

They’re also great for those people that you may not know very well, or are just getting to know – for example, extended family or new friends. Everyone loves flowers and they are always warmly embraced by the recipient. We love our gerbera arrangement for aunts, cousins and mothers-in-law!

Reason 2: They are easily portable and deliverable

Unfortunately, we’re not always able to be with our friends and loved ones on their birthdays. Maybe they live across the country (or even the ocean!). Or maybe you just have a conflict on the particular day. That’s when happy birthday flowers come in really handy.

Flowers are easily portable. You can drop them by the recipient’s house or even office. Better yet, you can have them delivered (same day delivery too!) and ensure your loved one never feels forgotten!

Reason 3: Sustainable and local

Field of flowers on the flower farm for sustainable, local happy birthday flowers

When you buy happy birthday flowers – particularly when you buy local – you’re making not only a beautiful choice, but a sustainable one as well. Flowers are clutter-free and eco-friendly. They’re also a wonderful sustainable choice when you buy them in season such as with our Birthday Seasonal Bunch.

Reason 4: Something for everyone

image of sunflowers wrapped in pink paper for delivery for happy birthday flowers

When it comes to happy birthday flowers there is a huge array of variety and choice. And that means that there is something for everyone. Whether the birthday recipient likes bright blooms or elegant bouquets, gerberas or roses, you can find just the right gift with ease. Even better, you can add on something special with the flowers themselves, such as chocolate, wine or seed gift cards.

Reason 5: Convey a special meaning

Grandmother and granddaughter with party hats and cake in the garden celebrating with happy birthday flowers

Flowers have traditional meanings and your choice can convey that to your loved one. For example, white lilies mean pure love while pink roses signify happiness. You can also choose flowers based on the month of the birthday. January is the carnation, February violets, March daffodils and so on. It’s a unique way to show thoughtfulness in your happy birthday flowers choice.

As Redlands’ fresh flowers experts, we have beautiful fresh-cut happy birthday flowers that will be perfect for anyone. Easily order online or stop in and see us at our Birkdale shop. We’d love to help you find just what you need.