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What are the best flowers for a sympathy arrangement?

There are many times we wish to convey our sympathy or empathy for various reasons. Honouring someone’s life once they’ve passed is often the first reason people think of. But you may also want to extend sympathy when someone’s pet has died, if they’ve lost a job or if they’re coping with some other challenge or grief. 

How can you reach out and show your genuine support for those who are mourning or struggling? While many of us may feel helpless, simply showing the person you are there for them may be enough. A thoughtfully written card, a home-cooked meal, some fragrant flowers. During challenging times, it’s the little acts of love that can make all the difference.

If you choose to send flowers, the team at The Flower Farm can help guide you decide what are the best flowers for your sympathy arrangement.

What is a sympathy arrangement?

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A floral arrangement is a group of flowers specially selected to work well together and arranged in a vessel such as a vase or a gift box. They are typically held in place using a floral foam. The aim is to choose a diversity of colours, textures, shapes and heights to create an element of interest while also achieving overall harmony. 

A sympathy arrangement is perfect for conveying your condolences. The love and time taken to create an arrangement symbolises just how much you care. 

The Flower Farm has a lovely variety of arrangements to choose from or you can ask the team to custom-make one for you. If you want to, you could even follow our advice on how to create a floral arrangement yourself. Whatever you choose, you might want to know what are the best flowers to include in a sympathy arrangement?

What are the best flowers for sympathy?

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While there are some universal flowers associated with mourning and consolation, there are no strict rules around the best flowers for sympathy. It can be a very personal choice. Keep in mind that different flowers carry different meanings and colours carry meaning too.

You could get sentimental with the favourite flowers of the recipient of the arrangement. Or you could select your flowers depending on the mood you wish to evoke. For example, if you’re trying to bring some cheer and a smile to their face, you may opt for cheerful flowers like our lively Gerbera Arrangement or our Bright Seasonal Arrangement. If you’re feeling that it’s still a deeply sombre time, then muted pastels (like our Pastel Bunch) or neutrals (like our White Seasonal Bunch) might be more appropriate. 

Let’s explore some of our favourite flowers to express your sympathy and support during challenging times:


Lilies look fantastic in arrangements because of their tall, slender appearance. The add height and an interesting visual element. Lilies also represent innocence and are a popular choice for expressing condolences or empathy.


four round black vases with bright white orchids set against a wooden open staircase leading up for what are the best flowers for sympathy

The delicate, detailed appearance of an orchid – in addition to its gorgeous, rich colour – can bring a stunning twist to a floral arrangement. Pink and white orchids also traditionally associated with sympathy. These are a good choice for communicating that you are thinking of someone going through a challenging personal time.


woman's hands putting together white and pale pink roses with cotton blooms for sympathy flowers

The ultimate beacon of love. It might be wise to stay away from red, as this is typically reserved for romantic, passionate love, but white, yellow or pink roses could make a lovely addition to your sympathy arrangement.


Carnations can symbolise grief and love, among other things. It is said by some that yellow carnations convey sympathy, white is for purity and innocence, and pink for remembrance. We grow a beautiful array of carnations at The Flower Farm and can help with your selection for your sympathy arrangement.


close up of sympathy flowers arrangement of white daisies and pink chrysanthemums with green stems against blue flowered wallpaper background

Chrysanthemums are considered a symbol of death in parts of Europe and Asia. While these flowers come in an array of colours, it is typically the white and yellow varieties that are used to express sympathy and condolences.  

Need more advice on what are the best flowers for sympathy?

The boomingly talented experts at The Flower Farm have plenty of advice on what the best flowers for sympathy are. Simply pop in to The Flower Farm Shop any day of the week or call us on (07) 3207 2129. We can help guide you on which selections will make the best DIY sympathy arrangement, or you can enlist our specialised help to create the arrangement for you.

If you’re not interested in a sympathy arrangement, we have a beautiful assortment of bunches and bouquets on offer too. Our flowers are proudly 100% Australian grown, with many hand-picked fresh from our very own fields. This means you can ensure they will continue to uplift your friends and loved ones for as long as possible.