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Best New Baby Flowers and Bouquets for a New Mum

There’s nothing more wonderful than the birth of a baby. And there’s no better way to welcome a new baby, and congratulate the proud parents, then with a bouquet of beautiful, fresh new baby flowers. 

At The Flower Farm, we love choosing new baby flowers and bouquets for new mums. And because we’ve been doing it for a few years, we think we’re a bit of an expert. So, here’s everything you need to know – from the best flowers to choose to the best time to send. 

New baby flowers

image of baby boy new baby flowers bouquet in yellows and green with two blue teddy bears on a white background

Call us biased, but flowers make the perfect gift when a baby is born. They are beautiful, celebratory, brighten every room and are low maintenance! Sending new baby flowers is a lovely way to say congratulations, send your best wishes and celebrate your loved ones’ new phase of life. 

What flowers are best to send

We’re regularly asked about which flowers make the best bouquets for new babies (and their parents!). We have plenty of gorgeous options online or in-store – and a few tips if you’re looking for something with extra meaning.

New motherhood flowers

image of pink, white, blue and yellow carnations for new baby flowers

Carnations are the traditional floral choice for Mothers’ Day. Pink carnations are symbolic of a mother’s love – but all carnations are a lovely choice for new baby flowers. They are long-lasting and come in a gorgeous range of colours. Grown on our Birkdale farm and picked fresh each day, our special season carnation mix bunch is a favourite choice for new mothers.

Birth month flowers

If you’re unsure as to what sort of flowers to send, a thoughtful option is a bouquet of birth month flowers. Each month of the year not only has a birthstone, but two birth flowers (one primary, and one secondary). Birth flowers are symbolic and carry meaning, so are a thoughtful and beautiful way to send your congratulations and love. 

Favourite flower, colour or fragrance

close up image of orange dahlias with a bit of blackground showing

If the new mother has a favourite flower, colour or floral fragrance, a lovely idea is to send a bespoke bouquet in that one flower or colour. The beautiful bouquet will have meaning and be a lovely welcome to the new baby as well as a symbol of your enduring friendship. Here are a few suggestions.


Chrysanthemums symbolise joy, optimism and longevity and bloom in many gorgeous colours. Picked fresh from our fields, they make for a beautiful bouquet to welcome a new baby. 


close up image of pink roses in bouquet on a white surface with a touch of greenery for The Flower Farm Brisbane florist

Roses are excellent for celebrating many occasions, including the birth of a new baby! They are the perfect choice for a mother who tends towards the traditional. Pink roses are symbolic of appreciation and admiration, and yellow roses symbolise happiness and friendship. White roses are another lovely choice as they symbolise purity. 

Baby’s breath

close up image of babies breath for new baby flowers

Baby’s breath symbolise everlasting love and innocence. They make an appearance in many bouquets as an accent flower. But the birth of a baby is their time to shine! Their delicate white flowers are pretty and charming and will suit any décor. 


image of bouquet of pink gerberas and white blooms on a black background

Gerberas personify happiness. Our bright and pastel arrangements will bring joy to every maternity ward or home. 

Sending new baby flowers

Flower delivery is an excellent choice, whether you want the recipients to have a surprise or because you can’t visit in person. At The Flower Farm, our delivery zone includes the Redlands Brisbane bayside suburbs, for all our online flowers and gifts.

We want to ensure a perfectly timed delivery for your floral bouquet for the new mum and dad. Orders received by 11.00 am Monday to Friday, can be delivered on the same day. If you’ve missed the window, please call us on 07 3207 2129 – we will do our best to help! If you’re local, pop in to our shop and choose one of our beautiful bouquets or arrangements. 

Delivery to maternity ward

We deliver to maternity wards at all Brisbane hospitals, as well as to our local Redlands Public and Redlands Mater Private. 

Sending flowers to welcome a new baby and congratulate new parents is a beautiful and meaningful gift. Get in touch with us at The Flower Farm. We’d love to help you choose the perfect new baby flowers to send.