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Baby's Breath Bouquet: A Deep Dive into The Sweetest of Blooms

Is there anything sweeter than a baby's breath bouquet in full bloom? Those tiny, delicate flowers look so lovely huddled together, just begging to be adored.

Baby’s breath is a perennially popular flower choice. People love it for its beauty, its sweet smell and its affordability. (Its striking good looks have even made the cut on our home page.)

Our flower-adoring community have loved our deep-dive articles into gerberas, roses, chrysanthemums and carnations. Now it’s time to turn the spotlight on to the sweetest of blooms – baby’s breath.

A Deep dive into baby’s breath & baby’s breath bouquets

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The flower’s history

Baby’s breath flowers are native to Eurasia, Africa, the Pacific Islands and our very own Australia. They were particularly revered in the Victorian era but have retained popularity throughout the ages.

Baby’s breath is part of the Gypsophila genus. Gypsophila was named after the kind of soil it thrives in, which is high in gypsum. This class of flowering plants actually belongs to the carnation family, known as Caryophyllaceae.

The origin of its more common name ‘baby’s breath’ is debated. Some believe it was named for its fragility. Others say it was for its sweet innocence. And still others believe it was for its delicate scent. Another school of thought argues that it was named for its popularity as a baby shower gift.

There are many different varieties of the plant, such as annual, perennial, pink fairy, flamingo, Viette’s dwarf and more. Although you might picture baby’s breath as those small, delicate white flowers, flower size and appearance can actually differ. The colour of the petals can also vary, from traditional white to light yellow or light pink, lilac and even rose-red!

Its symbolism and meaning 

Baby’s breath has a host of meanings, but most of them are around the idea of everlasting love and affection. The flower can symbolise faith, romance, tenderness, sincerity, sweetness, virtue and eternal unions. White varieties in particular symbolise innocence and purity which makes them perfect for gifts for new mums and bubs!

Best time to give baby’s breath bouquets

baby's breath bouquet arranged in a clear glass vase on a wooden table against a grey background with a large sprig of baby's breath fallen to the table next to the vase

Give your loved one a baby's breath bouquet to convey your love, sincerity and affection. This flower is perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and other romantic milestones. Baby’s breath blooms are often used in a variety of ways at weddings. And you may have seen them feature in the wedding bouquet or to decorate tables.

These sweet flowers also make wonderful gifts for baby showers or to celebrate the birth of a baby. Similarly, they make excellent centrepiece arrangements for a baby shower or 1st birthday. One lovely way we’ve seen them used is to bring a delicate touch to gift-wrapping.

Although we love growing baby’s breath here on The Flower Farm, it is a seasonal bloom. So, it’s best to check ahead to make sure we have it available.

Advice on styling and arranging

person's hand holding a baby's breath bouquet wrapped in silver and held against a cream background

Baby’s breath has long been known as the perfect filler flower. It is often used to complement more visually dominant feature flowers in bouquets and arrangements. Its relatively neutral colour palette and tiny flowers make a fantastic addition to any collection.

In recent years, however, baby's breath bouquets have been making their mark. Gorgeously simple clusters of solely baby’s breath have been used in weddings, baby showers and other love-filled events.

Whether in a large, spilling arrangement, a smaller baby’s breath bouquet, a petite boutonniere or even a dainty flower crown, this flower is perfect. It holds enough visual interest with its unique stems and elegant flowers to stand on its own. And it looks stunning as a framing for other bigger blooms.

We love using baby’s breath in our bouquets, seasonal bunches and arrangements. Baby’s breath makes a beautiful addition to our pastel bunches, gerbera mix bunches and mixed carnation bunches. It also brings a beautiful touch to baby girl arrangements, bright seasonal arrangements and sympathy seasonal arrangements.

How to care for cut baby’s breath bouquets 

Bunches of baby’s breath come tightly packed but you can separate the stems gently with your fingers. Offshoots can be trimmed as needed to add a variety of heights to an arrangement.

Cut baby’s breath flowers lasts well in a vase, especially if you replace the water often.

Where to source a baby's breath bouquet

When sourcing superior blooms for your baby’s breath bouquets, make sure you try The Flower Farm. We sow, harvest and style our flowers by hand so you can be sure they are top quality.

Embracing a ‘grown not flown’ approach, we work in tune with the seasons to grow our flowers. This means that baby’s breath might not always be available, but it will be well worth the wait. Please get in touch to di