three male BMX World Champions on the podium holding The Flower Farm podium flower arrangements

Bloom and Zoom! The Flower Farm’s Podium-Worthy Flower Arrangements at the BMX World Championships

In the world of BMX, the adrenaline-fueled races, electric atmosphere and sheer skill on show are usually the main highlights. And while that was of course still true at the recent BMX World Championships, another star emerged alongside the world-class events and the medal winners. And that’s the stunning floral arrangements provided by our Flower Farm team!

The BMX World Championships, held in Brisbane from 24 to 26 February, was three days of world-class competition. And we were so pleased to be able to deliver our freshest blooms in our most exquisite bouquets to adorn the podiums at the event. 

Podium flower arrangements

image of three BMX World Champions on the podium holding The Flower Farm podium flower arrangementsthe three female BMX World Champions on the podium holding The Flower Farm podium flower arrangementsthree BMX World Champions holding stunning The Flower Farm podium flower arrangements

It was a thrill to be chosen to supply the podium flower arrangements for this incredible event. But it wasn’t just luck – it was our commitment to quality and excellence, and our focus on delivering only the freshest of blooms that won the day!

Committed to quality and excellence

Our commitment to quality and excellence ultimately led to the organiser bringing us on board for the BMX World Championships (at least in the flower stakes!). When we created floral arrangements for the championships, we worked to enhance both the aesthetics of the event itself, as well as the vibrancy and dynamism that’s inherent in the sport of BMX racing.

Our team’s dedication to their floral craft was evident in every flower choice, and every completed podium flower arrangement. They chose vibrant colours of yellow, red, purple and bright pink in their designs to complement the exuberance of the racers and sporting audience. And the results exceeded even the organiser’s expectations!

Sheridan Codd, the Event Coordinator for the 2024 BMX Championships, sent us a note after the event. In it she said, ‘I wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest gratitude for the exquisite flowers you provided for our recent event. Your attention to detail and commitment to excellence truly made a significant difference.’

The freshest of blooms

Sheridan was also very pleased with the freshness of the flowers themselves. As you are probably well aware, it is hot in Brisbane in February. And the flowers needed to be robust enough to last in an outside area for an extended period of time. We’re so proud that they did.

Sheridan said, ‘The floral arrangements you created were simply stunning and exceeded all of our expectations. From the vibrant colours to the elegant designs.

Not only were the flowers visually stunning, but they also held up exceptionally well throughout the duration of the event, a testament to the freshness and quality of your products. Your professionalism and reliability throughout the entire process made working with you an absolute pleasure.’

At The Flower Farm we’re always focused on growing the most beautiful blooms. And we always pick and deliver them when they’re at their peak freshness. We’re so grateful for the compliments that Sheridan shared. 

Sheridan recognised how a local grower can really produce flowers that look better and last longer. This longevity is a testament to the quality of the Flower Farm’s products – and to the benefits of using local flower growers in general! 

How flowers can create impact in your home & with your loved ones!

Sheridan’s note also underscores the impact that thoughtful and well-crafted floral designs can have in our lives. Gorgeous, locally grown flowers can bring feelings of happiness and joy to your loved ones. They can also elevate your home and work spaces by creating a warm and inviting ambiance, calling up feelings of lushness and even just by bringing nature inside. 

There’s really no downside to high quality, beautiful blooms!

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