red cut roses and white smaller flowers with one red rose in sharp relief and the others blurred in the background against a grey background

Roses: A Deep Dive Into The World’s Most ‘Loved’ Flowers

If you know nothing about flowers, you’ll still likely know something about roses. Cut roses are the quintessential ‘romance’ flower, given to first loves, at Valentine’s Day and for anniversaries.

Of course roses also come in many different colours and iterations which means they’re also beloved for many other occasions and relationship. And, as symbols of beauty, love and friendship, there are many reasons to send bouquets of cut roses to someone you care about. 

At The Flower Farm, we adore roses, and included them in out bouquets since we opened our doors all those years ago. For us, roses aren’t just a product – they’re a passion evident in every lush bunch we sell.

A Deep Dive into Cut Roses – The World’s Most ‘Loved’ Flowers

close up of peach or light pink cut roses against a grey background

The history of roses

The rose (or rosa) has been a beloved flower for millennia. In fact, it’s featured in ancient myths and legends, and has been associated with both the Greek and Roman goddesses of love.

Wild roses have been traced all the way back to ancient Persia. But it’s the cultivated varieties – those that dedicated rose-lovers have bred over the centuries – that have led to the roses that we love and admire today. In fact, this process has led to our modern roses, which come in a huge variety of colours and forms, from classic red to purest white.

Roses in Australia

roses growing prolifically in an australian garden with a green lush lawn dotted between and trees in the background

Roses have been part of our Australian garden-scape since Europeans first came to our shores at the end of the eighteenth century. Since then roses have been a treasured element in our Australian gardens. In fact, some of the most beautiful rose varietals (such as Lorraine Lee) have been developed here!

When it comes to cut roses, they are just as deeply loved here in Australia as they are in the US or across Europe. They’re celebrated for their role as the centrepiece of bouquets and for their standalone beauty as a single, perfect bloom! And, of course, weddings! You simply can’t go past cut roses for a stunning wedding arrangement.

Association with Valentine’s Day

bunch of long stemmed cut roses, red, with a pink card with a heart cut out against a white background

Roses are the ultimate symbol of Valentine’s Day. This tradition dates back to the seventeenth century when they became a popular way to express feelings. Today the long-stemmed red roses remain the iconic choice to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day. 

Red roses traditionally represent everlasting love and romance. That’s why they’re the perfect flowers for this annual day to celebrate romantic love!

Colours and meanings

bouquet of multi-coloured cut roses, including pink, peach, red and yellow, against a rich pink background

Every rose has a unique meaning which makes them perfect for conveying your feelings.

  • Red roses. The universal messenger of love and desire.
  • White roses. Signify purity, innocence and new beginnings.
  • Yellow roses. Convey friendship and joy.
  • Pink roses. Express appreciation and admiration, and familial love.
  • Light pink roses. Suggest gentleness and grace.
  • Orange roses. Symbolise enthusiasm and passion. 

Best times to give roses

At The Flower Farm, we believe roses are perfect for any occasion, especially because they’re so versatile. If you want to send a message of love, a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses is a great idea. If you want to say thank you, we suggest pink roses.

Yellow roses are great for a friend who has lost someone or might be struggling otherwise. While white roses are perfect for weddings and sympathy!

Caring for your cut roses

Roses can last up to a week or more with proper care. You’ll want to ensure that you choose the right vase (ensuring that it’s clean), ensure you trim the stems and then provide your cut roses with water and feed. All of these steps can be found in our article, ‘How to Care for Cut Flowers’.

If you follow these tips you’ll find that your roses remain vibrant and fragrant for a long time!

Sourcing your roses

pink and red bunches of roses wrapped up for sale at the flower farm next to orange chrysanthemums

We invite you to explore the wonderful enchantment of roses with us at The Flower Farm. Whether you’re looking for a classic bouquet or something uniquely tailored to you, our expert florists are on hand to create the perfect arrangement for you. Roses aren’t just our specialty – they’re our love language!

Get in touch with us at The Flower Farm, or call in and see us at the shop and let’s get started!