close up of lots of flowers including red roses, white lisianthus, reen an dpink blooms, greenery and red berries scattered with white tipped pine cones

Treat Your Loved Ones to 12 Days of Christmas Flowers

The Christmas decorations have been strung in the stores and the carols are on repeat. It’s time to start thinking about your Christmas gifts. And for us here at the Flower Farm this has to mean flowers!

We all know the iconic Christmas carol, ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’. But our version is going to knock it out of the park. Think the Twelve Days of Christmas, in its floral era. We’re talking a gorgeous showering of blooms across 12 festive days. The ultimate Christmas gift to show your partner, friend or family member just how much they mean to you. 

If you know someone who has been on the ‘Very Nice List’ this year, forget the quirky socks and the scented candles, and treat them to 12 days of Christmas flowers.

What are the Twelve Days of Christmas?

The Twelve Days of Christmas has religious roots, beginning with the birth of Jesus and concluding with the arrival of the three wise men. The period is believed to run from Christmas Day through to January 6. However, in modern days we’ve begun to consider the 12 days of Christmas to be the 12 days leading to the big day itself.

The Christmas carol itself is believed to have begun life as a rhyme, printed in an English children’s book in 1780. The song came to life in 1909 when the composer Frederic Austin added the accompanying music.

While the original lyrics are all about gifts of turtle doves, golden rings and French hens from the singer’s true love, we think scented roses or bright chrysanthemums might be just the ticket instead…

The perfect ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ flowers 

So what should you choose for your 12 Days of Christmas flowers?

You could keep things modest with a single bloom each day, take things up a notch with a small posy on Christmas Day. Or you could really blow their minds with an arrangement or bouquet across each of the twelve days. It all comes down to your budget and the message you would like to convey.

Consider some of the following flowers for your Twelve Days of Christmas gifts.

Roses – 14 December

close up of a christmas flowers bouquet with red roses, greenery and a pinecone

The iconic rose is a gorgeous way to start your string of floral gifts. As the symbol of everlasting love, roses are perfect for your partner, or choose your colour depending on the meaning you wish to convey.

Carnations – 15 December

Why not follow up with carnations, our signature flower here at The Flower Farm. Similar to roses, the meaning change with their colour, but generally they symbolise love and devotion. You could even opt for a Mixed Carnation Bunch.

Holly – 16 December

up close of red holly berries and green holly leaves for Christmas flowers

Boost the Christmas spirit with a simple sprig of holly. This evergreen represents eternal life and of course is one of the things we associate with a traditional Christmas wreath. 

Chrysanthemums – 17 December

Whether given alone or as part of a posy, chrysanthemums are a striking flower available in a range of colours. Chrysanthemums represent trust, friendship and joy. 

Gerberas – 18 December

We love growing happy gerberas in a range of colours right here in our fields. Take your pick from a Gerbera Mix Bunch or Gerbera Arrangement.

Peonies – 19 December

Usually making an appearance in Brisbane from mid-November to December, peonies are a stunning gift as a single stem or as a posy. They symbolise all the good things – happiness, romance, good fortune and honour.

Sunflowers – 20 December

christmas flowers bouquet with sunflowers, lisianthus in bright yellows and pinks against a dark blue background

Another one of our favourites that grow beautifully at our farm. A bunch of cheerful sunflowers will the ultimate mood-lifter as the excitement of Christmas wears off and the reality of returning to work kicks in. Time these ones right for the best response.

Lilies – 21 December

Lilies are a popular gift, particularly if you can find a bunch containing buds that have some blooming left to do. These will fill your loved one’s home with a sweet scent.

Orchids – 22 December

up close of a bunch of pink orchids with orange and red centres against a green background of bright leaves

This elegant flower makes for a magnificent gift, whether as a single stem in a pot or as part of an arrangement. This exotic bloom is associated with love, luxury and beauty, making it a wonderful offering to your true love.

Snapdragons – 23 December

Another wonderfully striking flower, snapdragons are sure to make their new possessors smile. Cluster some stems together in tissue paper as a sweet offering.

Banksias – 24 December

image of banksia flowers with pine needles, decorative brown paper packages wrapped up against a white background

Banksia is the Australian native birth month flower for December, making them a festive choice for Christmas flowers. As a symbol for rebirth and hope, they are a fantastic choice for an early January gift.

Flower seeds – 25 December

You’ve gifted flowers, now why not present the ultimate symbol of hope: a handful of seeds for your loved one to grow their own. The Sow’n’Sow gift of seeds are available from our store in a range of varieties including sunflowers.

Where to source your Christmas flowers 

Whether you plan on gifting bouquets, arrangements or gifts for your Twelve Days of Christmas, you can count on The Flower Farm for all your Christmas flowers needs. We have a huge range including seasonal bunches in shades such as white, pastel, pink and bright.

Don’t forget to pick up a few extras to decorate your table and home with Christmas flowers and DIY some stunning Christmas flower arrangements this year.

The Flower Farm is full of stunning, farm-fresh Christmas flowers right now. Get in touch with us to see what we can create together.