image of hands putting together a bouquet of fresh flowers with a polka dotted box to the left for gift wrapping with flowers

Gift wrapping with flowers

Buying a beautiful gift for someone – whether it’s a Christmas gift, a hostess gift or a just because gift – is only part of the fun. Wrapping it can bring you just as much enjoyment, particularly when you get creative with it. And at The Flower Farm we love getting creative by gift wrapping with flowers!

How you wrap a gift can convey thoughtfulness and care that goes beyond what’s inside the wrapping. And adding flowers gives a classical and elevated feeling. Here are our top tips for wrapping presents with flowers so that the recipient receives a beautiful gift that feels personalised for them.

Gift Wrapping with Flowers

bunch of multicoloured tulips next to a brown paper package with red ribbons next to it for gift wrapping with flowers

Choosing the right paper

A well-wrapped gift starts with choosing the right paper. At The Flower Farm we love choosing one that is both simple and sustainable. Plain butcher paper can be a beautiful base to start with, as can recycled kraft paper. We also love using hand painted or hand drawn paper for wrapping (you or your kids can do the art project and create a beautiful wrapping for your gifts at the same time).

Your wrapping paper then becomes the foundation for the rest of your wrapping choices, including the florals.

Select your ribbons

wall full of spools of coloured ribbons for gift wrapping with flowers

There are so many stunning ribbons to choose from – raffia, taffeta, paper, cloth, lace and cord (among many other choices!). Depending on what you choose, your wrapping could have more of a rustic charm, a classic look or a chic sophistication. You might choose lace ribbon for a wedding gift, taffeta for an upmarket Christmas wrapping or paper for a charming, DIY look.

Finish with florals

When you’re gift wrapping with florals, you can either choose fresh or dried. 

Fresh flowers

employee in a grey apron wrapping fresh flowers including lilies in white paper

The charm of a fresh flower on a gift is undeniable. But you also have to ensure that your timing is spot on. Fresh blooms should only be added to gifts when you will be presenting the gift within a short timeframe. For this reason, it’s good to use for Christmas gifts that will be opened right away, rather for those that will be placed under the Christmas tree throughout the festive season. 

image of hands putting together a bouquet of fresh flowers with a polka dotted box to the left

When gift wrapping with fresh flowers you should also choose flowers that can last out of water for a short time and that are structurally robust. Here are some of the Flower Farm’s top choices for fresh flowers for gift wrapping:

  • Carnations, whose lacy beauty adds a touch of elegance
  • Chrysanthemums which add charm and whimsy
  • Petite roses for that classic touch
  • Lavender for a hint of tranquility (and the amazing scent!)
  • Baby’s breath for a delicate look and feel

Dried flowers

Dried or preserved flowers are an excellent choice – particularly for Christmas gifts that will sit under the tree, or any other gifts that may not be opened right away. Drying flowers is a fairly simple process – you can simply hang them upside down in a dry space and give them a few days – but that yield lovely results.

Dried foliage also looks absolutely stunning – particularly on Christmas gifts. Pine boughs, pinecones, dried berries and dried eucalyptus all work really well and will bring a touch of festive nature.

Some of our favourite dried flowers and foliage to use when gift wrapping with flowers are:

  • Proteas
  • Roses
  • Hydrangeas
  • Banksia
  • Silver Dollar eucalyptus 
  • Australian daisy 
  • Baby’s breath
  • Lavender (and other dried herbs)
  • Pine needles

Heartfelt thoughts

No matter what you’re wrapping or how, you should always include a gift card – handwritten words from the heart are best. Be sure to also sign your name so the recipient knows who the gift is from.  

Buying the freshest flowers for gift wrapping with flowers

bouquet of different fresh blooms wrapped in orange paper with an orange background

When it comes to gift wrapping with flowers, fresh is best. And because we are local flower farmers we grow and sell the most beautiful and freshest flowers to adorn your gifts this holiday season. 

Better, when you let your creativity bloom and wrap your gifts with the natural beauty of flowers, your friend or loved one will feel cherished and special. And that’s the best gift of all!