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Great Reasons to Take Advantage of Same Day Flower Delivery

At The Flower Farm, we’re proud to offer same day flower delivery. After all, we’ve all forgotten a birthday or an anniversary before! Having the option to get a beautiful arrangement of blooms to a loved one quickly on their special day can be a god send.

But there are also other reasons that you might want to take advantage of our same day delivery.

Great Reasons to Take Advantage of Same Day Flower Delivery

Unexpected invitations

close up of cream invitation with gold lettering on a background of cream, red and pink flowers for same day flower delivery

Getting a last minute invite to someone’s home is always lovely. But if it’s your first time visiting, or they’re a bit traditional, you certainly don’t want to show up empty handed. A same day flower delivery will mean you get to show your appreciation for the invite. Even better it’ll give you gold star guest status!

For last minute invites we suggest: Pastel Bunch

Stuck at work

hands on keyboard with cup of coffee and papers in the background for same day flower delivery

If you’re anything like us, you might find that you sometimes overestimate your time to get errands done – especially during the work day. And while you might expect that you have time to duck out on your lunch break to grab a bunch of flowers for a friend’s birthday that night (or any other reason!), work can often get in the way. When that happens, same day flower delivery can save the day!

You can have a fresh arrangement delivered to a restaurant or event space and ensure your friend feels special and loved while you get your work done!

For birthday dinners we suggest: Pink Seasonal Bunch


tall letters spelling out surprise in blue red and yellow on a wooden table in a park for same day flower delivery

One of the best things about a luxe bunch of fresh cut and arranged Flower Farm blooms is their sheer impact. You simply can’t help but notice anyone who walks in the room carrying our Bright Seasonal Arrangement for example!

The downside of attention-grabbing flowers is just that – they draw attention. And this can be a problem if you’re trying to create a surprise. 

Perhaps you want to propose, and you want to be surrounded by beautiful flowers when you do it. Or maybe there’s a surprise party planned and you’re in charge of getting the guest of honour to the venue. In neither case do you want to carry around a bunch of flowers and blow the secret.

Instead, send the flowers on ahead with same day delivery. We can ensure they arrive in a beautiful condition right where and when you need them. And that means you can keep your surprise to be revealed in your own time!

For a surprise party we suggest: Our Gerbera Arrangement

When sooner is better

woman in green shirt holding bunch of red roses with a red boy in a vase and presenting them to a lady in a blue shirt

Sometimes we have a situation where getting the flowers to the recipient sooner is definitely better. Someone may be in hospital or even hospice care, and time is of the essence. Perhaps a friend may be having a really bad day and need cheering up as soon as possible. Or maybe you just can’t wait to express how you feel about your partner with a bunch of beautiful blooms! 

That’s when same day flower delivery is just the ticket.

For a loved one in hospital we suggest: White Seasonal Bunch

Same Day Flower Delivery – The Details!

Monday through Saturday 

As long as your delivery address is within our delivery zone, we can deliver your bouquets and arrangements on the same day of ordering from Monday to Saturday. Just be sure to order by 11am, or give us a call on 07 3207 2129.

Sunday same day delivery

If you would like to arrange for flower delivery on a Sunday, please call us. We can talk through whether delivery is possible and which blooms that are available. Alternatively our Birkdale farm shop is also open from 9am – 1pm each Sunday. So you can pick up orders or browse our beautiful floral and gift display. 

Mother’s Day same day delivery

Please be aware though that we need 24 hours’ notice of delivery in the week leading to Mothers’ Day, as it’s our busiest week of the year.  

Ready to send some beautiful blooms?

We’d love to create a bespoke bouquet or arrangement for your loved one. Get in touch with us at The Flower Farm today!