close up of bright yellow blooms with nothing else

The Flower Trends That Shaped 2023

As we’re rounding out the end of 2023 we are taking a look back at some of the most popular flower trends in 2023. Of course, many of these trends will continue on into 2024. And we’ll likely see some new ones popping up as well!

2023 flower trends

So what were the most popular flower trends of 2023?

We saw more floral-centred homes

pink climbing blooms, naturally arranged in a clear vase in front of a curtained window next to a couch with cushions and a blanket and with an open book next to it demonstrating flower trends like a floral centred home

In 2023 more and more people began to bring plants and flowers into their homes as they embraced the simplicity of nature in their décor. From climbing plants to hanging blooms, from table arrangements to single blooms in tiny vases, in 2023 flowers began to brighten up all the forgotten corners of our homes. 

We expect to see this continue in 2024 as flowers and plants have become a central part of our home decorating designs. 

We said goodbye to perfectionism, and hello to natural, organic shapes

2023 saw floral designers and consumers moving away from the stiff, overly curated, perfectionist bouquets. Instead, people began to embrace more natural, organic and even playful shapes.

This included the flower selection – for example, including natives with cultivated blooms in one arrangement – as well as the arrangements, which instead of using supports, often allowed blooms to drip and hang in their natural forms.

Bright pops of colours livened up our lives

close up of a single bright pink rose demonstrating the 2023 flower trends of bright pops of colour

One huge flower trend in 2023 was the embracing of bright pops of colour in our floral arrangements. From magentas to sunny yellows to deep purples – colour was everywhere – replacing our earlier preferences for neutral or white arrangements. 

We also saw a surge of love for bright pinks (thank you Barbie!). In 2023 people began to actively move away from the pastel pinks of last year and embrace all things bright and hot (in terms of flowers, that is)!

Big, bold bouquets were all the rage

big, bold coloured bouquets wrapped in brown paper and organised in black tubs to be purchased and delivered

Just like we embraced bright colours in 2023, we also embraced big, bold bouquets both for giving and décor. When it came to flowers in 2023, the ‘less is more aesthetic’ was out, and the ‘more is more’ was in! This meant statement centrepieces, and over-the-top bouquets, as well as well-placed blooms all over your home.

Sustainable and local all the way

native blooms, eucalypt flowers and leaves included, laying across a white table with a shadow line for flower trends like sustainability, local and natives

Flower trends often follow other trends, and sustainability is a big one. In 2023, we saw this continue in floral trends, with many consumers actively seeking out local growers with sustainable practices (like us!). 

Choosing natives, as well as blooms that are grown by local growers, is a great way to save money and be kind to the environment. There’s less transportation, less impact on the world around us, and it supports your own community. Sustainability in flower trends is simply a win-win!

Brides are loving the floral braids

And we are too! In 2023 we saw our brides moving away from flower crowns and embracing flowers braided into the hair instead. It’s an absolutely stunning way to incorporate more blooms into your look and to embrace nature generally (something people are doing more and more in their weddings!).

Getting trendy in 2024

bride holding a white and pink bridal bouquet representing flower trends of using berries and organic shapes

We don’t expect these 2023 flower trends to go anywhere soon. In fact, we expect to see more of the same in 2024, with some added elements. Think edible elements – such as fruit, vegetables and berries – to be included in tablescapes and installations. 

We also expect to see more and more seasonal blooms included in floral design. These will not only keep the budget down (a great thing in these economic conditions) but also give your event or special occasion that little touch that makes all the difference!

Your blooms, your way

When it comes to flower trends, the most important one is to do what you love! And that’s what we’re here for. Our expert florists and floral designers are on hand to source the freshest, seasonal flowers (straight from the farm) to incorporate into stunning floral arrangements that look great and are just what you love!

So, get in touch with us at The Flower Farm, or call in and see us at the shop and let’s get started!