white small winter flowers on tiny branches arranged on a grey background

Queensland’s most beautiful winter flowers

We’re incredibly lucky. In most of Queensland, winter is still an absolutely wonderful time for flowers. Our subtropical climate means that even during the shorter days, there’s plenty of sunlight to warm the earth and coax flowers to bloom. And that’s why winter flowers are some of the most beautiful here at The Flower Farm.

So what winter flowers can you expect to see popping up around Queensland? And perhaps even in our seasonal arrangements and bunches? Let’s find out! 

Queensland’s Most Beautiful Winter Flowers


close up of pink and yellow winter flowers chrysanthemums

\We love to chat about mums! While in most parts of the world, chrysanthemums only bloom from summer to autumn (avoiding the coldest months of the year), in southeast Queensland we’re lucky to see these beauties all year round. 

Chrysanthemums originated in east Asia, and have been grown for medicinal and edible purposes in China for more than 2500 years. It’s even the national flower! In the late 18th century mums moved into Europe. And it was here that flower hybridisation enthusiasts started to create the incredible diversity we have. 

Today you can get mums in a huge variety of hues from bright yellow to ombre red – perfect for brightening your winter home.

We suggest: Our White Seasonal Bunch


close up of yellowy orangey carnations on a light blue background

If you’ve been reading our blogs regularly, you’ll know that we adore carnations. And we’re so pleased to have these winter flowers growing all year round at The Flower Farm. 

Carnations stay beautiful in the winter because they really only need four to six hours of full sun a day. They can easily get that in our Queensland winters. That means that we’re treated to their delicate, lacy beauty all year round. 

You can get carnations in a wide range of colours as well, including a highly unusual green hue. They’re long lasting after cut, lasting up to 15 days when well cared for[link]. All in all, a fantastic winter flower choice!

We suggest: Our Pastel Seasonal Bunch


close up of pink snapdragons with greenery on a blue background

We love using snapdragons in our floral arrangements. Not only are they beautiful, but their unique elongated flowerhead gives them a distinctive and sculptural shape that we simply adore. And because they come in so many different shades – such as yellow, red, white, purple and even bi-colour combos – there will be a snapdragon to suit your own style and taste!

As winter flowers, they’re solid performers, growing all throughout the year. They’ll also continue to look fantastic in your cut flower arrangement for a long time. Unlike other winter flowers, snapdragons also have a beautiful scent. All in all, a great little bloom!

We suggest: Our Bright Seasonal Bunch


three orange gerberas with greenery in the background

Gerberas are like the little winter flowers that could! They never go truly dormant, though in colder areas they can stop producing blooms for a time. 

Luckily we don’t have that problem here at The Flower Farm. Our moderate temps in winter mean that our gerberas continue to produce their lovely blooms for years. 

The best part about gerberas as winter flowers is that they are so bright and cheerful. If you find yourself in the winter doldrums, a beautiful arrangement of gerberas could be just the thing you need. And it’s a great choice for gifting during winter as well, for just the same reason. 

We suggest: Our Gerbera Arrangement

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At The Flower Farm, we sow, grow, pick and arrange flowers on site in Birkdale. We then create our beautiful flower arrangements that showcase the best each season has to offer – especially winter!

If you’re looking for some winter flowers to brighten your day or someone else’s, pop by or give us a call. We’d love to help you find the perfect flowers!