pink, red, purple and yellow tulips growing in a field among blue flowers with trees in the background

Prepping for Spring? Here are the Most Beautiful Pastel Flowers and Flower Bouquets

In the beautiful Redlands, it already feels like spring is in the air. Our cold winter mornings will soon be making way for gorgeous warm days filled with blue skies and sunshine. If you’re like us, you might also feel like celebrating the coming of spring. And if so, could we suggest the soft hues of pastel flower bouquets and arrangements.

Beautiful Pastel Flowers and Pastel Flower Bouquets

close up of a bunch of just opening pink and reddish tulips for pastel flower bouquet

Colour has been scientifically proven to impact us, from our moods, to our emotions, to how fast our hearts beat. Marketers have also long believed and utilised pastel colours to elicit feelings of peace and calm. And this is also why we associated those light pink, blues and yellows with adorable little bubs (boy or girl)!

You might also find that the gentle hues of pink, lavender, cream, yellow and peach expertly placed in a beautiful pastel flower bouquet will bring a feeling of uplifting calm to your home. These are the shades of early spring and bring with them a feeling of optimism and hope. 

Why we love pastels

Pastel colours contain less grey than other colours on the spectrum. Instead, to achieve pastel colours, a significant amount of white is mixed in to reduce the saturation. This means they have a high brightness value and low saturation. 

These pale colours are soothing and easy on the eye. So they bring a calm and peaceful mood, particularly when paired with the freshness of green foliage. 

Our favourite pastels

Of course, when it comes to beautiful blooms, we have some pastel favourites.

Pastel pink and blush

close up image of pastel flower bouquet including pink roses, white daisies and yellow and lavender blooms

Soft pastel and blush pinks are associated with compassion and kindness. Pastel pinks suggest nurturing, femininity and care. This is why they are a popular choice for so many occasions, from gratitude to romance, new mothers and babies. 

Pastel flower bouquets bring to mind delicate sweet peas, elegant pink roses and the more dramatic stargazer lilies. The ruffled blooms of pink carnations have long been associated with Mothers’ Day and a mother’s love. No matter the occasion or what you wish to say, there is a beautiful pastel pink bloom for you. 

Our suggestions

  • Pastel Bunch combines blush pinks with pops of fresh white and green. Wrapped in premium paper and ribbon and delivered with a water pack to ensure peak hydration. 
  • Mixed Carnation Bunch overflows with the seasonal freshness and pretty colours of our signature carnations. 
  • Baby Girl Arrangement with delicate blush pinks and cream hues, this arrangements is perfect to welcome babies and for any loved one.  


close up of a lavender flower bouquet with pink, purple and yellow blooms wrapped in pink paper

Like pastel pink, lavender has associations with femininity and love. But it’s also part of the purple colour family and has connotations of self-care and relaxation. Pastel lavender brings to mind irises, salvia, asters, carnations and even roses. It’s the perfect hue to send a pastel flower bouquet of soothing calm.

Our suggestion: Bright Seasonal Bunch

Cream and white

close up of cream roses and baby's breath in a flower bouquet

White and cream flowers have associations with innocence and thoughtfulness. They are a fresh way of letting someone know you are thinking of them. 

White lilies are a statement flower with a distinctive perfume. They symbolise purity and are a popular choice to send a loved on when someone passes. 

Our suggestions

  • White Seasonal Bunch is sophisticated and elegant, with fresh pops of green.  
  • Sympathy Seasonal Arrangement is abundant with pastel tones in cream and white. Its multi-layered elegance makes it a lovely choice not only to express your love and sympathy but for any occasion. 

Pastel yellow and lemon

The gentle freshness of pastel yellow and lemon makes them a popular favourite for springtime flowers. A pastel flower bouquet in these hues will add a welcome freshness to any room, and they’re also a popular gender-neutral choice for new Mums and babies. 

Yellow roses, tulips and gerberas have traditional meanings of friendship and happiness, while daffodils symbolise birth and new beginnings. 

Our suggestions: 

Pastel peach

close up of a single pastel peach bloom against a blush silk background for pastel flower bouquet

Sitting in the orange colour family, pastel peach is a lovely choice for a pastel flower bouquet. Orange flowers tend to have associations of good fortune, happiness, and joy, making them the perfect choice for so many occasions.

Peach flowers bring to mind anthuriums, asters, gerberas, and our perennial favourite carnation. Their subtle variations in hue mean they contrast beautifully with cream and white blooms as well as pops of green foliage. 

Our suggestions: 

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We hope our exploration of ideas for pastel flower bouquet and arrangements has put you in mind of spring and all things optimistic and happy. Get in touch with us at The Flower Farm today. We’d love to create the perfect bouquet or arrangement for you this spring!