square box of heart shaped chocolates next to a bunch of red roses wrapped in red ribbon on a wooden table

Romance Your Valentine with Local Flowers

Are you sick of roses this Valentine’s Day

Don’t get us wrong – we adore roses generally at The Flower Farm. But a plastic-wrapped bunch of wilting red roses simply scream ‘last minute’. Doesn’t your loved one deserve more than something you threw into your grocery trolley? Or even worse, a sad bunch you grabbed from the servo on the drive home?

Your special someone wants to know you took a minute out of your day to think of them. To consider the local flowers they might enjoy. Or the colours they appreciate. Or their favourite floral scent.

A sentimental bouquet of local flowers, fresh from the farm and smelling gorgeous, is the perfect way to say, ‘I love you’, ‘I’m thinking or you’ or whatever else your relationship might require. 

Give the roses a miss and choose local flowers this Valentine’s Day

image of pink and peach arrangement in a pink box with chocolates sitting on a wooden table

There are a lot of reasons to give the supermarket roses a miss and choose local flowers instead this Valentine’s Day. Here’s just a few!

Local flowers look and smell better

Growing roses in our humid, subtropical conditions can sometimes be difficult – and often with disappointing results. And certainly our local growers don’t grow enough in the month of February to support the demand. This means that consumers are often getting imported blooms (and all the issues that come with those). These imported roses will lose their scent more quickly and likely to wilt within a few days. 

If that doesn’t sound great, instead opt for local flowers bursting with freshness. Farm-fresh blooms are picked straight from the field daily. They will last longer and look and smell better than imported bouquets that have been frozen or refrigerated. 

If you want to still add a few locally grown roses in as well, that always looks stunning. Try our Valentine’s Mix – Seasonal Bunch or Arrangement.

close up of local flowers for Valentine's Day arrangement including red roses

These are stylish, seasonal clusters of local flowers plus local roses. The selections will vary each day, depending on what’s available. Our florists will work their magic to design bright, beautiful mixes to impress your special someone.

Local flowers are more sentimental

Sure, roses are the flower of romance. But they are certainly not unique. If you are looking to dazzle your lover with something as extraordinary as they are, be original.

Look beyond roses for a more sentimental or nostalgic selection. Perhaps their favourite flower or one that holds a special memory. Maybe you could capture their personality with a joyful gerbera mix bunch or gerbera arrangement, happy sunflowers or graceful snapdragons. 

Show off your romantic side with a specially selected bunch of local, seasonal flowers this Valentine’s Day.

Local flowers will charm your eco warrior

white arrangement and red roses local flowers arrangements on wooden table

If your partner is passionate about the environment and sustainability, local flowers are the way to go. Supporting a small local business has so many benefits. Not just for the local economy but also for the health of our soil and planet.

Local flower farms are more likely to be focused on encouraging healthy soil on their plot of land. They typically aim to minimise the use of pesticides and fertilisers, and follow sustainability practices.

Buying homegrown flowers rather than imported will also help to reduce emissions and lower the carbon footprint of the industry. Local flowers won’t just bring a smile to your partner’s face, but also benefit the wider community.

Who knew a simple bunch of blooms could do so much good?  

You will have more variety to choose from

Local flowers allow you to be inspired by the beauty of nature in all her forms. You can mix and match different types of flowers, and create something special with varying textures, colours and shapes.

Choosing local flowers also means you’re buying with the seasons. This means gifting species that are only available for a limited time each year, making it extra special.

Here at the Flower Farm we have daily seasonal bunches available in different bursts of colour – bright, pastel, white and pink. Think beyond roses this Valentine’s Day and opt for something beautiful yet original. We love carnations, irises, chrysanthemums and gerberas.

Local flowers suit any kind of relationship

three local flowers arrangements in pale pastel colours one sitting on top of a box and all three arranged across a wooden table

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. It’s a day to celebrate all of the special relationships and people in your life.

While a dozen red roses might confirm your romantic status, local flowers are perfect for any kind of connection. And there are a lot of different types out there worth celebrating!

Show your ‘galentine’ you appreciate her with some gerberas. Give your mum some love with chrysanthemums. Surprise your brother with a bright seasonal bunch.

From platonic love to situationships, marriages and everything in between, local flowers have you covered. Check out our Romance section or build your own gift with local flowers and special add-ons from our online store.

Where to source local flowers

If you are after seasonal flowers for your special person this Valentine’s Day, look no further than The Flower Farm. We hand-sow and hand-pick our flowers fresh from the field. We can even deliver them for you.

Plus, we don’t just sell local flowers. We also stock an extensive range of gifts. Choose from romance gift boxes, bottles of pink Prosecco, handcrafted confectionary and more. 

Browse our online store or get in touch to find out what’s growing in our fields right now.