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Considering Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery? 5 Reasons Pre-ordering is a Must

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to show love to the important people in your life. And flowers are almost the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. But because of their huge popularity, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest occasions in the flower industry. And therefore, Valentine’s Day flower delivery can be one of the trickiest!

At the Flower Farm we’ve been a family-owned flower farm since 1979, and we specialise in delivering stunning, locally grown Valentine’s Day flowers. But to get them on time, and at their best, we highly recommend ordering early! Here are the reasons why.

Considering Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery? 5 Reasons Pre-ordering is a Must!

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1. Avoid last-minute stress 

Valentine’s Day is a peak time for flower deliveries. And though we’ll always try to meet the needs of our customers, by pre-ordering you’ll be able to avoid the last-minute rush (and all the stress that comes along with it!).

By ordering early, you’ll also have more time to focus on other details that will make your Valentine’s Day memorable, such as planning a romantic evening. And it’s a great way to send your love and thoughts to people that might not live close to you as well.

2. Get exactly what you want 

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Preordering for Valentine’s Day flower delivery means you’ll also be able to avoid the disappointment of your preferred flowers potentially being sold out. The earlier you order, the better your options.

At the Flower Farm we offer a range of beautiful seasonal bunches and arrangements that are perfect for Valentine’s Day flower delivery. But if you want something bespoke, it’s best to get in touch with our team as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

3. Ensure the freshest of flowers

At the Flower Farm we guarantee that our flowers arrive fresh to you, just picked from our local farm. However, given the perishable nature of flowers (particularly in our still hot Valentine’s Day climate), Valentine’s Day flower delivery has to be carefully timed. 

When you order early, it’s easier for us to plan our delivery schedule. This ensures that your flowers have the shortest transit time and arrive to their recipients in peak condition. 

It also means that you might have more control over the timing of the delivery. And if your loved one might be in and out that day, it’s good to have it organised early. 

4. Support local businesses

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By preordering your Valentine’s Day flowers, your local florists (like us) are better able to plan the flowers that we’ll need on the big day. We also learn what you (our customers) are looking for on Valentine’s Day generally, and this empowers us to be able to better meet demands in the future, as well! 

The more that we support local businesses, the more those businesses are able to provide for the needs of the community now and into the future. 

5. Support more sustainable practices

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While we always support sustainable practices, preordering helps reduce the floristry industry’s reliance on imported flowers as a whole. Imported blooms can come with a range of challenges. They’re generally less fresh (having to travel long distances in refrigerated transport) and are more taxing on the environment and the economy. 

So, when we are able to incorporate more flowers from our local growers, we’re able to eliminate some of the downsides that come from the imported flower industries. A win-win for local businesses who embrace sustainable practices.

Ordering for Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

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We love to shower our customers with beautiful Valentine’s Day blooms. But ordering early will ensure that you get just what you want when you want it! 

Shop our Valentine’s Day specials or get in touch with our team today to order your bespoke arrangement. We’ll make sure that your loved ones know how much you care this Valentine’s Day!