Sharon Sihota for how to make cut flowers last longer

Totally Wild Visits The Flower Farm

We’ve been making a habit of appearing on TV!  After our wonderful experience with Blair Allsopp. we were thrilled to welcome Jess from Totally Wild to The Flower Farm, and talk about our life as a flower growing family.

The Flower Farm on Totally Wild

When Totally Wild visited The Flower Farm, we shared our flowers ‘as far as the eye could see’. And all grown by three generations of the Sihota family here in Birkdale. We also talked good bugs vs bad bugs for natural pest control, and how to care for and arrange flowers. It was a fun experience, and we loved sharing our love for flowers with the Totally Wild cast and crew.

Flowers as far as the eye can see 

Standing amongst our vibrant gerberas, Tarsem Sihota and Jess talked about exactly how many flowers we have at The Flower Farm. The answer is perhaps 2000, perhaps 5000. But definitely it’s flowers as far as the eye can see! 

We’re a flower farming family! 

At The Flower Farm, our flowers are planted, grown and cared for by three generations of the Sihota family. Growing is in the Sihota family’s blood, with Tarsem and Harbana both coming from farming, agricultural and science backgrounds. Their knowledge and experience combine to make The Flower Farm the home of beautiful flowers in Brisbane.

Over the past forty years, three generations of the Sihota family have grown up among flowers, growing their knowledge and experience. We’re so lucky in the beautiful Redlands district, to grow The Flower Farm flowers for every occasion.

Good bugs vs bad bugs for natural pest control

Sharon Sihota talked Jess through one of the biocontrol agents we use at The Flower Farm – predatory mites! These are the ‘good bugs’ and feast on spider mites, the ‘bad bugs’, which eat away at the goodness of our flowers. 

As Sharon showed, releasing predatory mites to eat their way through the spider mites amongst our flowers, means we’re not spraying chemicals.

Flower picking or cutting?

You’ll see Rav in the video demonstrating how to pluck and twist our gorgeous pink gerberas to preserve the plant for the next flower generation. 

But when you buy or receive a flower bouquet, you will need a clean, sharp knife or pair of secateurs to cut stems on a 45-degree angle. You’ll see from our How to Care for Cut Flowers blog post, that  ‘clean’ and ‘sharp’ are key words here, as they make sure you’re not adding any bacteria to the stems or crushing their vascular systems.

Brisbane’s best flower arrangements

As Jess showed in the video, when arranging your blooms, it’s important to handle them gently and not touch the flower itself. And then when you choose blooms to put together it’s all about what you love and feel looks best. Just as Jess who scored 9 out of 10 from our tough-but-fair Flower Farm judge!

Is It Your Turn to Visit the Flower Farm?

We loved having the Totally Wild team visit us at the Flower Farm, and we’d love to have you too. We have beautiful blooms, of course, but also gifts, confectionery, sweet-smelling candles and more. Come visit us at our Birkdale shop and see for yourself. Or look at our shop online to see all our gorgeous gift, bouquet and box options for every occasion (or just to treat yourself). We’d love to make up a bouquet just for you. 

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