brightly coloured flower arrangement hand made by local florist with a red ribbon and white paper wrapped around it

Looking for a gorgeous flower arrangement? Here’s why you should choose a local florist.

When it comes to getting the most gorgeous (and freshest) flower arrangements, you really can’t go past a local florist. Choosing a local florist (or a local flower farm!) delivers an array of benefits that go beyond just receiving a beautiful bouquet. 

Here's why you should choose a local florist.

Here’s why you should choose a local florist

Incredible freshness and quality

rows of local flowers featuring orange chrysanthemums growing on a local flower farm ready to be arranged by a local florist

Local flowers are just fresher and, frankly, of higher quality. That’s because they’re picked at the optimal time, and closer to where you live. This eliminates long-distance travel time and minimises refrigeration which can undermine any flower’s look and appeal. 

With local flowers your time from farm to vase is drastically reduced. And the time you have for enjoying your flowers in your home or office is drastically increased!

Of course, some local florists may rely more on imported flowers than others. Check with your local florist to find out where they source their blooms. Or get in touch with our team who can make sure you get locally grown flowers every time. 

Better environmental benefits

Just like buying local food, buying local flowers reduces the carbon footprint associated with your flower bouquets. Long-distance flower transport and more refrigeration adds exponentially to the ‘carbon’ costs of your blooms. 

Grown not flown’ local flowers reduce this environmental impact since they don't require international shipping or long refrigeration times, which can significantly add to carbon emissions​.

Support for local economies

red roses arrangement and white floral arrangement on a wooden table demonstrating the skills and benefits of a local florist

Purchasing from local florists and farms like The Flower Farm supports your local economy and families. This means that for every arrangement and flower you buy, you’re helping a family and a business in your own community. Your purchases support local jobs and businesses​​ – a great thing!

Shop seasonally

Using local florists and farmers typically means you get better access to flowers that are in season where you live. Shopping seasonally has loads of benefits, not the least of which is better prices for you as the consumer!

In Australia, using a local florist means you’ll be able to access unique, seasonal flowers that might not be available through larger retailers. A shopping seasonally means you’ll be able to buy unique and varied arrangements that reflect the natural growing seasons.

More personalised service

Local florists can provide a level of personalised service that larger chains and online stores struggle to match. They can create arrangements designed specifically for you and your intended recipient. And they’re much more likely to be on hand to provide care instructions and direct support​.

Promote biodiversity

image of brown chicken and white chicken pecking in the grass to promote biodiversity

Local farms often cultivate a wider variety of flowers, including some unique to the local area. This is a fantastic practice for promoting biodiversity – and for protecting Australia’s unique native flora. 

It also means that you have access to unique and picturesque blooms that stand out from the wilting selections found at supermarkets or larger retailers. And local florists usually know how to access these blooms. (Or like the Flower Farm they might be one and the same!)

Boost transparency and trust

When you buy directly from a local florist or farmer, you’re able to get insight into where and how the flowers were grown. This transparency builds trust. And it allows you to make sure you're purchasing high-quality, sustainably sourced flowers​.

If your local florist doesn’t state where there flowers are grown, ask. The more we know the better we can use our dollars to support local!

Support local florists and support Australia!

tall brightly coloured gerbera arrangement created by florists at the flower farm against a white background

By choosing a local florist or buying direct from a farm, you contribute positively to your local environment and community…. and to Australia overall. Better yet, you’ll receive fresh, beautiful flowers that are grown with care and expertise. 

Whether you’re looking for something special for a birthday or anniversary, or just want a seasonal bunch to brighten someone's day, locally sourced flowers are a wonderful choice.