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Why Invest in Flowers?

The evocative scent of a fresh-cut rose. The stunning sight of colourful blooms in your home. The zing of adrenalin as you realise the bouquet being delivered is just for you. There are so many simple pleasures that flowers can bring into our lives.

We’re in a wonderful position as growers of some of the freshest flowers in Brisbane. When we see our fields of cheerful gerberas waving in the wind, joyful sunflowers smiling brightly or sweet snapdragons standing tall, it makes us proud to know that these humble blooms will bring happiness to many people.

Of course, the cynics among us may ask, “Why invest in flowers when they’re just going to wilt and die?” But there are many reasons why people choose to mark a special occasion or show someone they care with fresh flowers.

And keep in mind that just because a wedding dress will be worn only once, the celebratory champagne will eventually run dry and the music of your first dance will fade – it doesn’t make any of it less valuable. The same goes for the fleeting beauty of flowers.

Benefits of flowers

field of friendly wildflowers in yellows, whites and reds with the sun setting in the background

It’s interesting to note that the benefits associated with flowers aren’t just anecdotal. A number of scientific studies have also suggested there are mental and emotional advantages to having flowers in your life.

Flowers have immediate and long-term effects on your mood

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Flowers have positive effects on emotional reactions and mood. A 2005 paper found that all of the female participants who received a bouquet of flowers displayed a ‘Duchenne smile’ within the first five seconds. The Duchenne smile is considered a reliable indicator of genuine happiness. These participants also reported a longer-term increase in positive moods.

A second study within the same paper reported similar results for both males and females receiving flowers – this time within the confined space of an elevator. Those presented with flowers (compared to a pen or nothing) were more likely to smile, stand at a social distance rather than at an impersonal distance and initiate conversation.

This idea that flowers make us happy can also be shown throughout history, with blooms playing a significant role in many different cultures and religions over the centuries. In fact, one theory for understanding our emotional connection to flowers goes back to the age of the hunter-gatherers. At that time spotting wildflowers would have signalled the beginning of spring and an abundance of food.

Flowers are also believed to trigger our brain’s ‘happy chemicals’ – dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin.  And because of that flowers literally make you happier.

Flowers enhance your memory

bouquet of multicoloured blooms in many different styles including roses and irises for flowers brisbane

Flowers also have positive effects on memory. Studies show that flowers not only had a positive effect on mood, but those who received flowers also had higher scores on memory tasks. 

Interestingly, the researchers noted an unusual and unprecedented display of emotion from the bouquet recipients. The amount of gratitude! In their many years of studying emotions and gifting money, edible treats and gift certificates to various participants, never before had they received hugs, kisses, thank you notes and photos from study subjects. But they did when gifting the fresh flowers. There is truly something magical about fresh flowers.

Flowers offer a multi-sensory experience

pink roses and small white daisies in a large cluster with greenery

Flowers gift us with gorgeous scents to smell, beautiful textures to touch and visual displays to feast our eyes on. They demand to be interacted with, and we are happy to oblige. We reach out to touch them, bend down to smell them and gather them in our arms like precious babes. Visitors to our farm shop will see first-hand the power that fresh Brisbane flowers can have on the senses.

How to make your investment last

Hold on to the fleeting beauty of your flowers for a little longer by treating your cut blooms with care or preserving them so you can have pressed flowers to remind you of the special memory for years to come.

Where to find the best flowers Brisbane

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If you’re looking for gorgeous flowers in Brisbane, look no further than our market-fresh, hand-picked beauties. We offer a stunning array of seasonal arrangements and bunches, grown right here on our Birkdale farm. 

Our commitment to the ‘grown not flown’ motto means you can rest assured you will get fresh flowers in optimum condition. Whether needed for a gift or to mark a special occasion, we have some of the best Brisbane flowers for you.

No matter what milestone you are honouring, if you want to create a memorable experience, Brisbane flowers are the perfect accompaniment. They can be silent witnesses for memorials, colourful bursts of joy for birthdays or elegant backdrops for weddings

Flowers are scientifically proven to increase happiness, positive moods, social behaviour and memory – what a fantastic reward on your floral investment.