Rose and Sunflower Mix (Arrangement)


Red roses and sunflowers
Red roses and sunflowers Channel 9 news reporter came down and reported on Mother's Day 2020 Flowers production can see video on Instagram Rose and Sunflower Mix (Arrangement) Sunflower cake topper Lindt chocolate's Sunflower in a greenhouse Rose and Sunflower Mix (Arrangement)

Please Note: Colour tones may differ from picture

Gorgeous flower farm sunflower mix to brighten your red rose delight. Mix of red roses, sunflowers and seasonal flowers.

*Arrangements are an ideal floral gift made within its own base, that can be easily displayed straight away with no need to rearrange or find a vase for. Especially appreciated for gifts to Hospitals, Businesses, Schools and Nursing Homes for the ease in recipient can enjoy or transport ย with ease.ย