Ginger - Farm Fresh Ginger


Ginger - Farm Fresh Ginger

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The Flower Farm: Winter 2020 (June-July)

Mum’s hand-picked ginger

Limited Season - 150g or 300g Gift Bag

Straight out of rich red volcanic soil at The Flower Farm and picked for you by our mum.

Not commercially grown.

Mum goes for the flower farm family along with other veggies and when we can, share with our customers - Enjoy!

3-6 month storage life:
May be shelved in a cool and dry (not humid) area.
Or placed in an air-tight container in the fridge.
Or can be grated or chopped into smaller pieces for cooking.
Or simply chop or grate into a container and place into freezer.

Item is GST free - NO TAX on this item as it is a RAW fresh food