The 12 Most Popular Flowers for Giving

The 12 Most Popular Flowers for Giving

We think you’ll agree that flowers are one of the best gifts. They are a beautiful and meaningful way to express so many things.

From as simple as ‘thinking of you’ to as complicated as love, from an apology to a congratulations, good luck, sympathy or just because – flowers say so much when words can be hard to find, or when you’re far away. 

So, let’s talk through the 12 most popular flowers for giving. 

The 12 Most Popular Flowers for Giving


Image of pink and orange hued roses as one of the most popular flowers

Roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day! Long-stemmed red roses traditionally say, ‘I love you’. Pink roses show your appreciation and admiration and yellow roses symbolise happiness and friendship. 

Roses also make a beautiful, fragrant impact gathered together in a bouquet or as part of an arrangement


image of pink, yellow and white gerberas for the most popular flowers

Visually appealing and with a long vase-life, gerberas are cheerful and suitable for an array of occasions. Like a sunflower in that they have a central disc surrounded by overlapping petals, gerberas are sure to bring a smile to the receiver. 

Our gerbera arrangements come in bright, pastel and pink – or get in touch for a bespoke bouquet to make a statement in a favourite colour. 


image of white and purple lilies for the most popular flowers

Lilies are a bold statement flower with a distinctive perfume. Their different colours have different meanings.

White lilies symbolise purity and are a popular choice to express sympathy. Pink lilies are often given to express love and admiration, perhaps for an anniversary or to congratulate a loved one. 


image of white, purple and yellow orchids with green stems

Orchids are a popular flower to give as an ornamental plant or arrangement. They symbolise love and strength and are a perfect choice for special occasions. Their distinctive blooms last a long time, so they are also an enduring gift.


burst of pink peonies

Peonies have large, gorgeous rose-like blooms and a lovely fragrance. They come in a beautiful range of colours and are a lovely way to send a blooming message of elegance and sophistication. 


image of bright yellow sunflowers against a grey sky

Sunflowers are famous for their striking yellow ‘faces’ which follow the sun. To wish someone a long life filled with joy and happiness, we think a bouquet of sunflowers is the perfect choice.

Our yellow arrangement may be the floral gift you’ve been looking for. Or get in touch with us to create a bespoke sunflower bouquet.


image of orange and yellow chrysanthemums for most popular flowers for giving

Chrysanthemums aren’t just for Mothers’ Day! Chrysanthemums are a popular choice for so many reasons. They symbolise friendship, trust, joy and optimism and come in a range of delicate colours.

Give a bespoke bouquet to friends to wish them luck, say congratulations or ‘just because’ they’re happy.


image of rows of snapdragons in yellow, red, maroon, white and pink

Snapdragons are gorgeous blooms. They are another flower where their meaning can change depending on colour. Yellow snapdragons (like these gorgeous blooms on our Instagram) symbolise happiness and positivity, so are the perfect choice to brighten someone’s day or to wish them luck. 


image of bunches of tulips in all hues -- white, yellow, pink, red, orange, purple

We love the distinctive bloom of tulips and their delicate colours. They symbolise perfect love so have become popular to give to ones you love. Tulips don’t grow well in our Redlands climate, so we source them directly from growers to bring their blooming beauty to you.


image of purple and pink dahlias against a black background

Dahlias are an enduring favourite and one of the most popular flowers to give. They are a beautiful, delicate bloom, multi-layered and textural.

Dahlias look particularly gorgeous in a bouquet, with their array of colours, shapes and sizes. They can be sent as a message of love or to say you are thinking of someone – or ‘just because’ to brighten someone’s day.


white daisies with a green background of leaves for most popular flowers

Daisies are sweet and cheerful and known to symbolise new beginnings and rebirth, making them a popular flower to give to mothers when babies are born. 


pink carnations on a background of dark green leaves

Far from being the supporting player in bouquets and arrangements, carnations are a gorgeous bloom. And they deserve their spot in our ‘floral popularity contest’. Along with chrysanthemums, carnations were the first flower we grew on The Flower Farm, many years ago! 

We love sharing carnations on our social media pages, as they bring joy in our flower fields, as far as the eye can see. 

We hope you’ve found the perfect floral gift from our list of most popular flowers to send a loved one or to express your thoughts. Our Birkdale farm and shop have beautiful fresh cut flowers and gifts for every occasion.

Get in touch or call in and see us. We’d love to create a bespoke gift bouquet or arrangement.