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Sending Sympathy Flowers

When someone passes away – whether it’s expected or sudden – it’s an emotional time for their family and loved ones. In times of such sadness and grief, knowing what flowers to send, and the ‘right’ time to send them, can help you to express your sympathy and condolences in a beautiful and appreciated way.  

Sympathy flowers Brisbane

The term ‘sympathy flowers’ is often used interchangeably with the term ‘funeral flowers’. But they aren’t quite the same. 

Funeral flowers are ordered to be sent as part of a funeral or memorial service. They are sent directly to the church, crematorium, or funeral home, on the day of the service. 

Sympathy flowers are ordered to be sent to the home of the bereaved, at a time of your choosing. 

But in both cases – funeral and sympathy flowers – they are used to express love and hope, and let grieving loved ones know you are thinking of them. They also carry their own meaning – from the type of bloom down to individual colours. So, it’s important to be mindful of this when choosing your arrangement for funeral or sympathy flowers. 

Sending funeral flowers Brisbane

Image of white funeral flower arrangement on a casket

A loved one’s family may request there be flowers of a particular colour at a funeral or memorial service. If they haven’t made such a request (or you’re not sure), white or pastel flowers are a thoughtful choice. They will be in keeping with the quiet, respectful nature of the occasion. 

At The Flower Farm, we have a range of beautiful, seasonal arrangements. Pastel, lilac and pink are our most commonly chosen floral arrangements to honour the deceased at their service. We can work directly with Redlands and Brisbane funeral homes, and those in the surrounding areas, to ensure that your arrangement is delivered on time and in pristine condition. 

Sending sympathy flowers Brisbane 

Image of sympathy flower Brisbane arrangement in peaches, pinks and whites

There’s a little more freedom in choosing flowers to send to the home of your grieving loved ones when someone passes. Favourite flowers of the deceased or of their loved one can be a good starting point. And this shows your thoughtfulness at a difficult time. 

If you’re not sure of a favourite flower, don’t think you have to stick to ‘serious’ flowers. You are sending flowers to celebrate the life of the person who passed and to show your care for their loved one. The brightness and colour of floral bouquets or arrangements can bring hope and joy during ongoing grief. And in Brisbane we’re incredibly lucky to have a long growing season that gives us access to a large variety of fresh blooms throughout the year.

Here are a few ideas for sympathy flowers in Brisbane.

Seasonal bunches

Image of pink sympathy flowers brisbane on white background

Our gorgeous seasonal bunches are picked and arranged on the day of ordering. Our in-house Flower Farm florists use their artistry to create intricate bunches that are as unique as you are. They will arrive in optimal condition, so your loved will be reminded of your care for weeks, not days. 

You might like:

  • Our white seasonal bunch, which is fresh and sophisticated.
  • Our pastel seasonal bunch is filled with blush pinks and pops of white with green foliage. 
  • If pink is your grieving loved one’s favourite, our pink seasonal bunch will brighten their day. Filled with cream, blush pink, lilac and hot pink, this bouquet is a lovely way to express your condolences.
  • Our bright seasonal bunch is overflowing with colour. It will vary in look each day of the week, but will contain gorgeous, freshly picked blooms. 

Favourite flowers

Image of bespoke white, pink and green sympathy flowers with red berries

If you know the favourite flower of the deceased or their bereaved loved one, a whole bouquet or arrangement can be a thoughtful way to express your condolences. Our gerbera arrangement is a popular choice. Its gorgeous, seasonal mix will brighten your loved one’s day at a difficult time. 

Bespoke arrangement

Some of the most thoughtful arrangements are those you create yourself and that contain flowers that have meaning to you. We’re always happy to create a bespoke floral bouquet, picked fresh from our flower farm daily.

Enduring gift

Image of gift wrapped in pink and white paper with a gold bow in front of a pink flower arrangement

You may wish to pair your blooms with a thoughtful, enduring gift. Our forget-me-not seed cards can be planted in honour of the deceased, and will grow into beautiful flowers for a lasting remembrance. 

When is the right time to send sympathy flowers 

Please be assured that it’s always a good time to send sympathy flowers. Never think that it’s ‘too late’ to express your condolences. As florists we’ve seen people send them straight away, send them a week later or send them months later. No matter the date, the receiver is always touched by the thoughtfulness and care that the other person has shown. However, there are some more ‘traditional’ times that Australians tend to express their sympathies through flowers.

On the day of the funeral or memorial service

Sending flowers in honour of the deceased is really only time-sensitive if you are sending flowers to be part of their funeral or memorial service. It’s best to send them to the church, crematorium or funeral home on the day of the service. If you can, let the office know they are coming, so their arrival is expected and they can be used during the service itself.

If flowers are to be sent for a funeral or memorial service, we encourage you to let us know, so timed delivery can be arranged. 

Sending sympathy flowers

Grieving is an ongoing process, which is differently experienced for each person. It’s common to send sympathy flowers to the deceased’s loved ones a week after the funeral. However, it is never too late to send sympathy flowers. Flowers sent days, weeks or months later are a beautiful reminder that you are holding your loved ones in your heart, and that you have not forgotten the person who passed.  

Sending fresh Brisbane sympathy flowers is a thoughtful and beautiful expression of your condolences. The Flower Farm has the perfect blooms to show you care. Get in touch. We’d love to help you choose the bouquet or arrangement to express your sympathy and love with flowers.