image of a field of yellow, red and purple flowers for flower meanings

Flower Meanings – What do your flowers mean?

Here at The Flower Farm we love flowers. And we think pretty much any flower is a beautiful gift.

But flowers also have meanings. During the early 19th century the notion of flower meanings became widely embraced in the UK and France. In fact, historians believe that Queen Victoria and Albert used flowers to prove their love for each other.

Today some of these meanings are still understood and embraced. Red roses for love, for example. And some have developed new meanings. Poppies, for remembrance, for example. But, whether you know the meanings or not, every flower is sending a message.

Here are some of the most popular flowers and their modern day flower meanings.

Flower Meanings


Flower Meaning – Beauty and Love

Roses are some of the world’s most popular flowers for giving (and receiving!). In fact, few hold the significance of roses – regardless of the colour they arrive in.

Some of the most significant of those meanings are:

  • Intense love, passion or adoration
  • Friendship
  • Sympathy and condolences
  • Devotion and loyalty

The colour of roses that you choose plays a part in your meaning as well.

Red Roses

close up image of red roses for flower meanings of red roses

Almost everyone knows the meaning of red roses – love. This is the reason that red roses have become so firmly attached to Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

White Roses

White is often used to symbolise purity or innocence. For that reason white roses are traditionally used at weddings. And because they are considered one of the most classic and iconic of all the rose varieties they are also very popular for formal events or settings. They are also often given to celebrate the birth of a new baby or a pregnancy, or even for sympathy.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are symbolic of friendship and loyalty, joy, happiness and light-heartedness. They are ideal for giving to close friends and family, or for a gender-neutral gift for the birth of a new baby. They’re also great for sympathy or condolences or when someone just needs a pick-me-up.

Pink Roses

Pink flowers have different meanings in different cultures. In the west, however, they generally represent grace, joy and innocent love. Pink roses are a beautiful gift for a first or young love, to send thanks or congratulations, to celebrate milestones or for Mother’s Day. And they’re always welcome for the birth of a baby girl.


Flower Meaning – Pride and Beauty, Love and Captivation

Carnations are some of the most common – and overlooked – flowers in the flower giving world. And with the meanings of pride, beauty, love and captivation, it’s no wonder they’re so popular. They make a lovely addition to cut flower bouquets because of their beautiful fragrance and long life.

White carnations

White carnations symbolise pure love, such as a mother’s love. This makes them perfect for Mother’s Day.

Red carnations

Much like red roses, red carnations symbolise deep love and affection, passion and distinction. They are a beautiful addition to a romantic anniversary bouquet.

Pink carnations

close up images of pink carnations for flower meanings of carnations

These beautiful blooms are often given as a way to say thank you or express gratitude. Traditionally, however, dark pink carnations were given on a first date to symbolise the blooming of first love.

Striped carnations

Be cautious giving striped carnation, as they have the traditional meaning of refusal.


Flower Meaning – Friendship, Happiness, Well-Being

Chrysanthemums or mums are some of the most popular flowers for giving. In general mums symbolise friendship, happiness and well-being. But they also come in a wide range of colours and each has its own unique meaning.

White mums

close up image of white chrysanthemums with yellow centers

Never give white mums in China, Western Europe or Japan. But here in Australia they represent innocence, purity, honesty and loyalty.

Red mums

Like other red blooms, red chrysanthemums symbolise love and passion. These are great for Valentine’s Day or anniversary bouquets, particularly if you’d like a change from the ubiquitous red roses.

Pink mums

These flowers are often reserved for friendship and affection. Great for gifting on birthdays or milestones. Grandmothers and aunties particularly appreciate these cheerful blooms.

Orange mums

close up image of orange chrysanthemums for flower meanings of mums

Orange is linked with happiness, joy, excitement and fun. And orange mums are used to express the same. These are fantastic not only for gifting on any occasion, but also for bringing a bit of light and life into your home.

Yellow mums

These beauties have the flower meanings of happiness, joy and celebration. They’re perfect for cheering someone up, for condolences and for sympathy.


close up image of multi-coloured gerbera daisies

Flower Meaning – Happiness

Gerbera daisies have several meanings, but they’re all tied together with a singular idea – happiness. Throughout history they’ve also been linked to innocence, childlike joy and gratefulness.

Like other blooms, gerberas flower meanings change slightly based on their colour.

Yellow gerbera daisies

Yellow gerbera daisies symbolise cheerfulness and celebration. Perfect for giving in congratulatory bouquets.

Red gerbera daisies

These beautiful blooms represent immersive or all-encompassing love. They’re wonderful blooms for a long love or marriage.

Pink gerbera daisies

Pink gerberas are a symbol of adoration, admiration or high esteem. Our customers often choose these for beloved family members, like mums, aunties and grandmas.


close up image of white lilies on a black background for flower meanings of lilies

Flower Meaning – Charity, Virtue, Love, Purity

Lilies are a popular choice for bouquets and gift giving because of their beautiful and unique form and their long life as cut blooms. Lilies are often associated with charity, virtue, love and purity. But they are also commonly given for condolences or sympathy.

There really isn’t a time when giving lilies isn’t a good choice. In fact, they can be seen in art dating back to 1500 BC and they’ll likely be popular in another 1500 years as well.


image of a cluster of orchids - white, yellow and purple for flower meanings of orchids

Flower Meaning – Refinement, Beauty, Charm, Fertility, Thoughtfulness

Orchids are widely accepted as one of the most beautiful and diverse flowers in the world. And because of their delicate architectural form are often used to bring a sense of luxury to homes and offices.

In terms of flower meanings, orchids are thought to represent refinement, beauty, charm, fertility and thoughtfulness. They are often given (and perfect for) housewarming gifts or to celebrate milestones or special birthdays or events.

Flower meanings today

Though every flower has a meaning, most of the time our loved ones won’t know what they are. Instead, we suggest giving flowers based on what the recipient loves and what feels right for the event. However, if you are trying to send a message to a special someone, beautiful blooms are a great way to do just that! 

We have been growing and selling flowers for more than four decades, and now have three generations of family flower lovers helping out at the farm.

Our team of experts can help you choose just the right bouquet – from roses to lilies – for your event, milestone or loved one. Get in touch or head online to order today.